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Exhibition | Color Expression: A Cornerstone of Undergraduate Curriculum at Tsinghua University Academy of Arts & Design

The "Color Expression" Coursework Exhibition, spotlighting Tsinghua University Academy of Arts & Design's curricular reform, presents the innovative outcomes of its foundational undergraduate course. This exhibit underscores the academy's holistic education philosophy, blending "value shaping, ability cultivation, and knowledge imparting" to forge a broad, solid foundation for students across design, fine arts, and art theory.

Embracing an innovative pedagogical model, this course aims to enhance the foundational training of students across design, fine arts, and art theory disciplines, fostering broad-based learning, robust foundational knowledge, and an integration of general and specialized education. By reorganizing students from different disciplines into new class formations, the course seeks to facilitate an interdisciplinary blend of art and science, design and fine arts, as well as creation and theory, paving the way for future educational endeavors characterized by the integration of art and science.

The exhibition features a selection of assignments from the inaugural implementation of the color basics curriculum reform among first-year students, showcasing a diverse range of creative expressions and interpretations of color. Through various mediums such as acrylic, gouache, pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, and collage, students explore the spatial relationships and compositions of color, refining their personal expressive languages and gaining a systematic understanding of color constructs.

Professor Gu Liming leads the course as the principal investigator, supported by a dedicated team of faculty members committed to advancing color teaching and learning. The course, mandatory for all first-year undergraduates in the modeling, design, and art history and theory majors, comprises 270 students divided into 10 classes, each fostering an environment of creativity and innovation.

Running from March 26 to April 6 at the academy, with a seminar on April 2, the exhibition is a vibrant testament to the future of art and design education, showcasing the creative potential of Tsinghua's next generation.

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Copyright © 2024 Acadcmy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. All Rights Reserved.