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Basic Teaching & Research Group

Message from the Director of the Department

I would like to express my sincere congratulations on the success of the senior projects of the graduating master's program!

These valuable explorations, as your design application or creative practice based on your long-term special research, are rooted in the profound cultural soil of the academy and gradually become a part of the possible continuation of the cultural tradition. In this process, with the guidance and instruction of instructors and the wisdom and efforts of our students, design and fashion, painting and the times go hand in hand, with the diverse artistic forms of East and West, tradition and modernity being continuously extended and deepened. These works demonstrate the professional standards and style that students should attain, and completely present the diversity and uniqueness of the research results of master students in our teaching and research section!

Nowadays, most people prefer to engage in the work related to their professional frontier, not knowing that basic research is a better research platform, because the foundation determines the height, and basic skills pave the way for avant-garde. With our own in-depth research, we can carry out design innovation and artistic creation in various directions, thus realizing the rapid upgrading and leap-forward in our profession. The smarter an artist is, the more he needs to know the most basic skills.

The master's program in the Basic Teaching & Research Group have two research directions, namely, "design basis" and "modeling basis". Basic research is the motive force of design innovation and artistic creation. An important feature of graduate students is "doing research". Through scientific and systematic training methods, they can effectively improve their innovative thinking skills, modeling skills and aesthetic skills. While absorbing the essence of different plastic arts in an all-round way, we should study and inherit excellent cultural traditions. By strengthening the combination of basic theoretical research and professional practice, the teachers and students in the Basic Teaching & Research Group dare to explore, constantly innovate, pursue excellence and improve themselves, which is also the direction of their joint efforts.

The revival of art urgently requires us to have a correct understanding of basic research. I am sincerely proud of the achievements that you have scored. No matter where you will go and what achievements you will make in the future, today's high starting point and clear understanding will always with you while you gradually develop your own artistic style. The Basic Teaching & Research Group is not only a place, but also an idea and a person believing in mature ideas!

Ye Jian

Deputy Director of the Basic Teaching & Research Group

Research and Design Application of Virtual Morphology

Zhang Ruichang

Instructor | Qiu Song

Design of Irrigation Facilities Based on the Study of Morphology of Desert Plants

Tao Yudong

Instructor | Qiu Song

Chalk Story/A Corner/ Minstrel

Dong Shan

Instructor | Ye Jian

Recall Memory Series

Chen Zhaoting

Instructor | Ye Jian

Dust of City

Zhang Qian

Instructor | Zhang Shanshan


Su Yang

Instructor | Tian Xutong

Primordial World · Horizon of Mysterious Space-time

Yang Xiaodan

Instructor | Jin Jianping

Design About Children's Early Education Space

Li Pei

Instructor | Qiu Song

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Editor: Zhao Ruohan