2020 Online Graduation Exhibition: Department of Sculpture | Beginning of a New Journey

Department of Sculpture

Message from the Director of the Department

2020 is a special year in that an unprecedented pandemic has brought us great inconvenience. The pandemic has changed our learning style and the conditions of our sculpture creation, imposing various difficulties on our graduating classes. Despite all challenges, our students still maintain their enthusiasm and make use of the space and materials available to create sculptures. Sculpture creation is a very difficult thing, which requires the guidance of an instructor, a suitable space, corresponding equipment and tools, as well as various materials, so that students can fully and perfectly present their ideas. Originally worried about the transformation from physical presentation to online display, I am very satisfied with the students' finished works and online effect. 

Our students have used available materials around them, and many of them also use digital technology to create sculptures. The inconvenience imposed by the pandemic, on the other hand, has stimulated the students' creative enthusiasm, enabling them to fully exploit their intelligence and successfully complete their senior projects. Graduation marks the end of college study and the beginning of a new journey, in which we will have many new experiences and different difficulties. It is by overcoming various difficulties that we can keep growing. I would hereby congratulate the students on their successful graduation, and hope that they would continue to strive for progress in their future sculpture career and realize their best aspirations.

Dong Shubing

Dean of the Department of Sculpture



New Culture Movement, head portrait series

Han Meng

Instructor | Li He

Materials: wood


Zheng Que

Instructor | Dong Shubing

"Smoke Cloud" Series

Li Junxing

Instructor | Wei Xiaoming

Enjoy Stones Online

Wang Qianyi

Instructor | Wei Erqiang

The Sound of the Language

Wang Xue 

Instructor | Xu Zhenglong


World 2.0

Sun Jiayu

Instructor | Li He

Something Written on a Cloudy Day

Liu Yinjie

Instructor | Wei Erqiang

Old Memory

Zhu Puqian

Instructor | Luo Huan

Materials: wood and stones

Survival: Be Keenly Alert

Liu Hanqi

Instructor | Li He

Materials: dynamic sculpture

Chutian Countryside Series II

Zhou Xiaojin

Instructor | Xu Zhenglong

Materials: wood frames and cloth strips


Liang Zihan

Instructor | Ma Wenjia

Materials: comprehensive materials

Utopian Worrior I

Sun Kuangyi

Instructor | Luo Huan

Materials: 3D modeling and rendering


Ge Xuemei

Instructor | Wei Erqiang

The "You" Hoe

Li Biao

Instructor | Li He

Materials: wood and metal

Shenzhou Keeper

Lu Yajun

Instructor | Xu Zhenglong

Materials: metal

Negative Entropy

Dong Zehua

Instructor | Ma Wenjia

Trapped Beast

Man Xinglin

Instructor | Li He

Materials: light-sensitive resin and plaster


Li Qizhen

Instructor | Luo Huan


Wu Han

Instructor | Wei Erqiang

Materials: comprehensive materials

Melting Fog and Ice

Ye Xing

Instructor | Ma Wenjia

Materials: glass pane and gauze

Source of materials: Department of Sculpture

Editor: Zhao Ruohan