Explore the possibilities of art and technology

From the Great Pyramids of Egypt of 2500 BC to the artificial-intelligence generated artworks of today, art and science have always been inseparable.

What do we get when art meets modern technology? Some light might be shed on this by the 5th Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium (TASIES 2019), co-hosted by Tsinghua and the National Museum of China.

The theme of TASIES 2019, "AS-Helix: The Integration of Art and Science in Artificial Intelligence"implies the Helix-like development of art and science featuring a deep integration and coordination. 

TASIES 2019 presented over 120 artworks from around the world, covering a wide range of categories, such as new media art, industrial design, architectural and environmental design, visual communication, textile and fashion design, and ceramic design.

City Memory is an immersive new media artwork. It takes immersive panoramic sound as the key to opening the door of memory, and condensed classical literary works to be used as the bridge of emotional expression. 

The Sound of Wind/3D Water and Ink Art is a combination of the elegance of Chinese water and ink art with the powerful and unrelenting elements of sound, light, and electricity.

Eternity in an Hour is the result of collecting and sorting the structural information of grains of sand on the microscopic level.

The RMIT Mace Flame is a 3D printed update to their original mace, designed to represent the school for external university events.

Multiverse .pan is an audio-visual installation, which draws inspiration from concepts of different universe hypotheses.

TASIES 2019 has invited scholars, experts and practitioners with different academic backgrounds, from various research fields, to discuss how art and science will be further integrated and innovated in the age of AI. 

During the TASIES 2019, 9 artworks that best represent the integration of art and science were awarded the Wu Guanzhong Art & Science Innovation Prize.

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