The Fifth Art and Science International Symposium (Section 3 & Section 4)

The Fifth Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium

AS-Helix:The Integration of Art and Science in the Age of Artificial Intelligence



Nov. 2nd

Section 1:9:00-12:30

Section 2:13:30-15:30


Nov. 3rd

Section 3:9:00-10:00

Section 4:13:30-17:00



National Museum of China, Beijing


The Fifth Art and Science International Exhibition Symposium

(Section 3)

Nov. 3rd, 2019 9:00-10:00 

Highlighted Speakers


HUANG Weidong
Professor of Northwestern Poly Technical University;

Winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scolars


Lecture Topic:

Topics on the interaction between science and art



Boris Debackere

Artist and Researcher of LUCA School of Arts, KU Leuven;

the Lab Manager of V2_


Lecture Topic:

Creativity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


The Fifth Art and Science International Exhibition Symposium

(Section 4)

Nov. 3rd, 2019 13:30-17:00 

Highlighted Speakers



Ahmed Elgammal

Director of the Art & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Professor of Computer Science at Rutgers University


Lecture Topic:

Art at the Age of AI


Paul Chapman

Head of School of Simulation and Visualisation, The Glasgow School of Art


Lecture Topic:

SimVis: Blending the Arts and Sciences



Tim Yip

Academy Award Winner of Best Art Direction for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in 2001, world-renowned art director for stage and film and visual artist


Lecture Topic:

Invisible Spiritual DNA




Victoria Vesna

Artist and Professor at the UCLA Department of Design Media Arts;

Director of the Art|Sci Center at the School of the Arts and California NanoSystems Institute


Lecture Topic:

We are [Alien] Star Dust: Macro Micro AI and Life




Marcel Jeroen van den Hoven

University Professor and Full Professor of Ethics and Technology at Delft University of Technology,

Editor in Chief of Ethics and Information Technology (Springer Nature)


Lecture Topic:

AI Ethics: Designing for Responsibility




Christa Sommerer

Professor of the University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria.


Lecture Topic:

Artistic Interfaces - Creating Covel Interaction Scenarios


Refik Anadol

Media Artist、Founder of Refik Anadol Studio; 

"Lorenzo il Magnifico" for Lifetime Achievement 2019


Lecture Topic:

Space in the Mind of a Machine : Creating Art with Data and AI

Editor: Ruohan Zhao