The Fifth Art and Science International Symposium (Section 1 & Section 2)

The Fifth Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium

AS-Helix:The Integration of Art and Science in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


Nov. 2nd

Section 1:9:00-12:30

Section 2:13:30-15:30


Nov. 3rd

Section 3:9:00-10:00

Section 4:13:30-17:00



National Museum of China, Beijing




The Fifth Art and Science International Exhibition Symposium

(Section 1)

Nov. 2nd, 2019 9:00-12:30 

Highlighted Speakers


LU Xiaobo

Dean of the Academy of Arts&Design, Tsinghua University;

Vice Chairman of the China Artists Association


Lecture Topic:

Let the Heart Lead the Sail, Let Wisdom be the Wind - Art and Science for Innovation

Anne Collins Goodyear

Co-Director of Bowdoin College Museum of Art;

President of Digital Art History Society; 

Chair of Committee on Intellectual Property, College Art Association;

President of Emerita College Art Association


Lecture Topic:

Inventing “Art and Technology”: On the Origins of the Art’s Recent Intellectual Engagement with Science and Technology and Why it Matters Today


Dean, Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Tsinghua University;

Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Lecture Topic:

Literature and Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


David Hanson

Founder, Chairman, Chief Creative Officer of Hanson Robotics


Lecture Topic:

Why the Arts are Key to the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Paul Priestman

Co-founder and Chairman of Global Design Consultancy PriestmanGoode


Lecture Topic:

The Role of Design in Creating Sustainable Futures

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim

Founder of HG Contemporary


Lecture Topic:

Augmented Intelligence, Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. Is the Art World Going All Digital?

Member of China Engineering Academy; 

Professor of Tsinghua University School of Medicine;
Director of Biochip Beijing National Engineering Research Center


Lecture Topic:

The Translation of Art, Science and Engineering for Health

The Fifth Art and Science International Exhibition Symposium

(Section 2)

Nov. 2nd, 2019 13:30-15:30 

Highlighted Speakers  



SONG Jiqiang
Dean of Intel Labs China


Lecture Topic:

Computational Intelligence Expands the Vision of Art




Gerhard Ludger Pfanz

Professor of Karlsruhe University of Art and Design; Founder of BEYOND Festival


Lecture Topic:

Artificial and Artistic Intelligence



Naren Barfield

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, Royal College of Art, and Council Member, Research England


Lecture Topic:

Whose 4th Industrial Revolution? Art, Design and Science in the Age of Artificial Intelligence



Yoichiro Kawaguchi

Emeritus Professor of the  University of Toky; CG Artist


Lecture Topic:

Universe, Life and Intelligence

Editor: Ruohan Zhao