Tsinghua Fine Arts Series

Tsinghua Fine Arts is oriented toward rigorous academic research and open horizon in Humanities and Arts, with its focus on the phenomena and problems in modern art creation. This series published and edited in themes has published “Chinese Paintings from the Pluralistic Perspective”, “Contemporary Context of Art Education”, “Artistic Mirror Image of the Consumer Culture”, “Criticism of Chinese Contemporary Art”, “Chinese Contemporary Art and Capital”, “Writing, Calligraphy and Relevant Art”, “Contemporary Abstract Art”, “Re-reading Realism”, “Context and Transformation of Contemporary Printmaking”, “Concrete Sculpture”, “Curatorial and Chinese Contemporary Art”, “Contemporary Fine Brushworks and Chinese Artistic Spirit”, and so on. This series has themes covering various categories of contemporary art, art criticism and theoretical trends, and the art market and capital and even extending to peripheral categories of art research.

Tsinghua Fine Arts calls for papers from domestic and foreign art scholars and artists. It accepts both special invitations and free submissions, strictly follows academic norms, and advocates solid and in-depth theoretical researches and exploratory creation.

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