Art and Science Magazine

As an art research publication, Art and Science is identified as rational, academic and constructive. We hope it can be a theoretical publication of high taste and high quality that represents China’s highest level of art research. It shall be a novel platform for the study of China’s contemporary art, and a platform for the complementarity and academic exchange between art and science.

With an objective to explore art and science, Art and Science looks into the mutual relationship and influence and the possibility of theoretical and practical exchanges, interaction and integration between the two spheres. It studies science in the field of art and art in science, advocates new ideas and new methods for the integration of art and science, and promotes sound interaction and development of art and science. As a new type of publication that focuses on art research, we hope it can make wider explorations in art research from the perspective of the interaction and integration between art and science, and carry out more profound, scientific and modern explorations. We have seen such possibilities thanks to modern development of science and technology, which has exerted strong influences on many aspects including art creation and research. Therefore, we shall further broaden our horizon from this new perspective, explore new dimensions of art theories and new visions of art creation within the time and space of art and science in human life and at the intersection where art and science meets. It is a new type of art research publication because of its decisive scientific characteristics, which are manifested in the scientific content of the research and in the scientific research methods and attitude. Hence, it shall publish a number of relevant research articles from the scientific community. These researches are grounded in science and are studies the “ art in science” phenomenon.

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