Information and Decorative Materials Application

Environmental art design is a composite consisting of many specific factors such as space, model, colors, materials, etc. At present, new techniques and materials in environmental art field have been emerging quickly, which has greatly enriched the design results, and facilitated the change in design thinking and concept. Meanwhile, people are paying more and more attention to environment protection and sustainable development, and traditional materials have been changed.

At present, the teaching in the application and presentation of interior and architecture environmental materials is rather weak, and lacking in knowledge of new materials has become the bottleneck of environmental art design in China. As to research and application of decorative materials and techniques, we have not yet set up an integrated cooperation pattern of production, teaching and research. The foundation of the Institute can not only broaden and deepen decoration teaching, but also actively facilitate the development and building of domestic independent brands.

First, it is necessary to establish a cooperative R & D system. Ever since China joined WTO, Chinese firms have gradually strengthened their awareness for developing and protecting independent intellectual property right. They have realized that just copying foreign products could not satisfy their demands for sustainable development. In many academic exchange opportunities, lots of firms express their wish to cooperate with colleges for product development.

Second, it is important to build an information platform for decorative materials. With our own professional advantages, we can make the information platform a portal for domestic decoration industry, which can provide both professional and non-professional people timely, precise and reliable information, and offer authoritative appraisals of products in a neutral position.

The ongoing research projects include Development & Application of New Techniques and Materials ( “Hexin Moer Interior Decoration Consulting Project”); editing paper collection of “Applications and Expression of Interior Decorative Materials” (China Architecture & Building Press); cooperation with international and local material firms and research institutes to establish a decorative materials information platform; participating in the foundation of Materials Lab for Department of Environmental Art Design.

Institute Chief: Yang Dongjiang, Fang Xiaofeng

Research Field: material technology R&D and information platform building for environmental art and related majors

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