Fiber Art

Project Team: Ni Yuehong, Professor; Wang Kai, Associate Professor; Sun Zhibin, Associate Professor; Ren Guanghui, Associate Professor; Zheng Dan, Designer; Wang Zhiping, Designer; Liu Quanhua, Craftman


1. The Institute will organize a research team for traditional handicraft formation and development. The team will collect pictures and literature about materials, crafts and people’s living state by field study, and will offer detailed feasibility study reports of characteristic local handicraft industry for local governments and remote and poverty-stricken areas.

2. The Institute will study the latest research results in China and abroad, and organize “From Lausanne to Beijing” International Fiber Art Biennale and Academic Forum. It will also cooperate with architecture designers, interior designers and business leaders for application research of fiber art.

3. The Institute with conduct researches in the fiber art’s value in future society. It will also set up an environment-friendly sheep farm in Ererduosi, Inner Mongolia and develop green and original fiber materials.

Research Fields:

1. Research on the Formation and Development of Traditional Handicraft Culture

2. Latest Studies and Achievements in Fiber Art in China and Overseas

3. Research on Fiber Art Application

Institute Director: Lin Lecheng, Professor

Deputy Director: Hong Xingyu, Associate Professor; Lv Huping, Economic Engineer

Office Director: Wu Zhaoxia