Culture Heritage and Innovative Design

Established in 2007, the institute provides innovative product designs for famous and time-honored brands and helps Chinese brands of rich cultural characteristics, high reputation and market competitiveness to become more sophisticated. It integrates local and traditional cultural resources and creates innovative display methods of traditional culture; it holds the “Cultural Heritage and Innovative Design” annual forum to promote international exchanges of traditional culture and original designs; it applies for special research topics of design applications in the cultural field; it conducts comprehensive cooperation with governmental units, cultural institutes, industrial associations and manufacturing enterprises etc. to develop cultural products of Chinese characteristics and style.

Director: Ma Sai, Professor, Department of Industrial Design, Academy of Arts & Design,Tsinghua University

Vice Director: Zhang Lei, Professor, Department of Industrial Design, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

Vice Director: Meng Fanshao, President, Beijing Yidege Ink Industrial Co., Ltd.

Vice Director: Dong Yan, Vice Chairman, Calligraphy Education Research Association of Beijing Education Institute

Address: 15B Zhongguancun Internet Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, 15 B, No. 1 Fuwai Manicure Salon, Haidian District, Beijing