Creative New Media & Performing Arts

Established in 2016, the institute is committed to the interdisciplinary research and innovation in science, technology, visual, music and performing arts. Its main members have international and interdisciplinary research background and significant influence in their own fields. Researchers and their cooperating artists constantly explore cognitive and experiential possibilities under different cultural, regional and educational backgrounds of demonstrating the interactive development relationship of science, technology, humanity and society in the forms of new media arts. Such forms are not limited to animation, video, virtual reality, new media art installations, interactive and performance etc. It hopes it can constantly expand and spread its research and creation results on professional international academic platforms and in the public view through exhibitions, performances, workshops and forums, so as to undertake the mission and social responsibility of cultural inheritance and innovation. Its goal is to explore a sound interactive development mode for cultivating new talent and conducting academic research from an international perspective, and for guiding and promoting domestic cultural industry and consumption upgrading.

Director: Wang Zhigang, Associate Professor, Department of Information Art & Design, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

Address: No.1, Building C, Zhongguancun 768 Innovative Industrial Park, Haidian District, Beijing, 100083

Tel: 86-10-82810800