Brand Communication Design

Research Field:

With economic globalization and emerging experience economy, traditional marketing, communication, advertising and design are greatly challenged in the new economy. Therefore, knowledge of only one discipline cannot satisfy the demand of brand competition.

On the basis of its multi-discipline advantages, the Institute has the following research areas: experience marketing in brand building; brand positioning and sustainable advantage building; brand communication; brand globalization of Chinese companies.


Consulting Service for Brand Strategy

The Institute helps the business pose their brands and form brand strategies, on the basis of which the business will make better performance and establish sustainable brand advantage. The consulting services include brand strategy analysis, brand strategy implementation model, brand strategy positioning, specific branding plan and brand strategy appraisal.

Consulting Service for Long-term Brand Strategy

After the delivery of “Brand Strategy Consulting Service”, the Institute will provide long-term consulting service for businesses, including guidance and appraisal of their strategy plans, how to optimize resource deployment based on their strategic positioning, evaluation of brand competition and their strategic decisions, how to make brand marketing and communication, how to explore new business opportunities according to market demand, and how to avoid strategic risks, etc.

Name: Institute of Brand Communication Design

Address: Room 265, Building B, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University


Institute Director: Ma Quan (Director, Department of Visual Communication Design, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University; Vice-Secretary-General, China Packaging Federation)

Brand Strategy Director: Liu Ke (Executive Director, Beijing Qing Kui Brand Consultancy)

Brand Planning Director: Chi Hong (Board Director, Beijing Qing Kui Brand Consultancy)

Consultant Group:

Senior Consultant in Visual Design:He Jie (Professor, Doctorial tutor, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University)

Senior Consultant in Marketing:Wu Xiaobo (Scholar, General Manager, Guangdong Pingcheng Advertising Agency)

Senior Consultant in Advertisement, Communication & Media:Chen Gang (Deputy Dean, School of Journalism & Communication, Peking University; Director, Department of Advertisement, Peking University)

Senior Consultant in Finance: Wang Lihong

Senior Consultant in Marketing: Zhang Pingdan (Doctor, Beijing Normal University)

Senior Consultant in Multimedia Animation: Wang Dongsheng (Celebrated internet animator)