Tsinghua University Laboratory for Arts and Design Education

I. General Introduction

Known as Beijing Municipal Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Key Unit, One of Tsinghua University Experimental Teaching Centers as well as Tsinghua University a Laboratory, Tsinghua University Laboratory for Arts and Design Education is established and managed by the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. After 50 year’s development and inheritance, guided by the strategic thought of establishing World Top University, Tsinghua University Laboratory for Arts and Design Education has become a professional, comprehensive as well as interactive experimental teaching platform in the field of art and design. The center undertakes the works of experimental teaching, D&R, and Creation Practice for more than 1,100 under-graduate students as well as nearly 500 graduate students, and also for the University’s art quality courses. It has formed perfected experimental teaching system and model with outstanding features. Also, it has established a comprehensive experimental and practicing platform coherent with the training of high-rank, comprehensive and sustainable development art and design talents.

The center owns 28 Labs and Internet stations in total, including Art Design, Painting, Sculpture, Public Art, Animation, photography, Industry Design and Information Art Design etc. The center’s whole area is 13160 ㎡. It owns more than 1,700 equipments, whose assets are nearly 30 million RMB in total. The Academy provides beautiful work and study environment as well as high-tech equipments to its teachers and students.  

The center’s courses mainly face to the under-graduates and graduates majored on dying costumes art and design, ceramic art and design, visual communication design, environment art and design, information art and design, industry art and design, art and crafts design, painting, and sculpture, and the center also provides selective courses to students from other schools and departments. Meanwhile, the center accepts social subject research project and under-graduates research training programme.

II. Goal and Concept

Aiming for training top talents in the fields of arts and design, and improving the students’ arts quality with a concept of “sound foundation, comprehensive field, innovative idea”, the center up-holds a general goal as abiding by the arts and design experimental & practicing teaching features and laws, establishing an all-around platform by well-capitalized financial support, advantaged teaching thought and system, and high-end software and hard ware, make a solid guarantee for the access to the “Top-university” of the world.

According to the needs of innovative talents, the teaching concept of the center has been set up as abiding by the art educational law, carrying out the combination of arts and science, implementing research and experiment into teaching work, improving the teaching and researching affairs mutually and interactively, exploring new fields on the experimental & practicing teaching system and model, promoting the students’ capacities of technology, practice and innovation, cultivating innovative talents with spirits of “hard-working with self-discipline and innovation spirit” for the national economic construction and culture development, and establishing the arts quality educational demonstration for the top-talents of  the University.


III. Operation and Management System

Plans and coordination with overall view; Opening-up system with flexibility; Resources and Environment with common sharing; Class-setting with integration; Public-service with different demands; Cross-utilization with complementary courses.

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the large-size and comprehensive labs, based on the Academy of Arts and Design management, the center carries out an operation system of “Plans and coordination with overall view; Opening-up system with flexibility; Resources and Environment with common sharing; Class-setting with integration; Public-service with different demands; Cross-utilization with complementary courses”, in terms of flexibly arranging classes for the whole Academy, enhance the communication and combination between the teachers and students to form an open academic space integrated by teach, learn and research, which will reflect the concept and feature of arts and design education facing to the 21 Century.

28 independent labs with different features and fields are integrated into an interactive public platform based on the concept, management and utilization, which serves for teaching, research and creation and open to all of the teachers and students of the Academy, and meets the demand of the society as well. Meanwhile, the center provides conditions and space for the self-independence experiment and research. According to the needs of the courses and the society, it also improves the cooperation with enterprises both home and abroad to make sure a smooth operation and sustainable development.

The center is responsible for the establishment, operation, space, equipment, staff management as well as the utilization of the labs of the Academy.

The center is responsible for the supervision, inspection and evaluation of the management and experimental affairs of the labs. Each semester, the center will arrange the use of the labs according to the class-table for under-graduates, graduates and experiment uses proposed by the teaching affairs department.

The center formulates and carries out series of management plans and kinds of regulations and measures. For instance, the regulation for security management, measures for lab management, rules for student experiment, duties and regulations for the lab staff members, rules for equipments operate and management etc. All of the rules, regulations and measures are under continues development and perfection.

IV. Experimental Teaching Work

The center has established a comprehensive, open and multi-lateral experimental & practice teaching system emphasizing on innovative practice, social practice and graduated design (creation).

The center established an experimental teaching system with features of “open, characteristic and experimental” through a long-term exploration, testimony and continuous adjustment by focusing on solid progress, majors and interactions, aiming at meeting the needs of individual exhibition and innovative development and insisting on teaching according student’s ability.

Class teaching system mainly reflects on the following aspects:

Small-size class taught by top-professors in first place students.

Perfected system combined by obligatory courses and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Students take full advantage of the space, equipments, financing and communication to complement the experimental courses and works.

V. Team of the staff member

The center has established a teaching and experimental staff team featured on the combination of teaching and researching, high-level experimental teaching quality, reasonably structured system, sound cooperation and team-work with a truth-pursuing and respective spirit.

The center owns two National-level renowned teachers, four Beijing municipal-level renowned teachers.

Two teachers from the Center are selected into the “High-educational School Excellent Youth Teacher Teaching & Experimental Award Plan”; six teachers from the Center are selected into the New-century Talent Plan by the Ministry of Education.

The center has sixty-five formal staff, twenty-six of them have the senior academic title, and six of them are have the academic title.

The amount of teachers on experimental courses have reached more than one-hundred and fifty, teachers who own the senior academic title account for 70%.

The center has established mechanisms for talent selection, position employment as well as encouraging highly-professional teachers and academic leaders to dedicate for the experimental teaching works.