Photography Lab

The Photography Lab includes a large and small film studio, a darkroom, a digital studio, and a facility room, etc. A dressing room and a shower room are also included in the Lab. The Photography Lab is well-equipped. There are cameras of various brands and specifications, such as Leaf, Sinar cameras, Linhof, LiteOn, Hasselblad, Mamiya and so on. The Lab is also equipped with digital back systems of various pixel levels and brands such as Leaf, Sinar, Husselblad, and Mamiya. Apart from that, large lighting system in the Lab includes Bach System, Hensel Soft Light System, and so on. Brands of the professional lighting equipment are Hensel, Comet, Elinchrom, Petzl and so on. The Lab is able to meet all the shooting requirements in terms of autos, advertisements, furniture, products, still objects, artworks, etc.