Ceramic Art & Design Lab

The Ceramic Art & Design Lab, with its open space form of two floors, is both used for business and practice teaching. There are 10 function areas for the teaching of professional basis, professional curriculum as well as the process practice. It is also used for the laboratory study curriculum of other departments.

On the first floor, there are a raw material handling area, with 2 ceramic material ball milling, mud filtering lines and pug mill; plaster mold processing zone, with 18 plaster modeling machines, 3 briquette pressing machines, hand-operated plaster carving and mold copying table; pottery work area, with mobile sculpture stand and electric clay machine; ceramic baking technology area, with 2 non-pollution recursive glazing machines, 8 high-temperature electric kilns and 5 natural gas kilns, can provide the experiments of ceramic glazes and billets in the course, complete all the ceramic glazing process works and meet the needs of biscuiting, glaze firing, decoration firing and many other firing technologies. On the second floor, there are throwing area, traditional manual craft area and showroom.