Photographs of Feng Hai, Alumnus of the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University

On March 25, 2017, the opening ceremony of Feng Hai’s World: Feng Hai Photography Exhibition and book launch of “Feng Hai’s Work 1998-2016” was held in the Academy’s art gallery. This exhibition was the fourth series of exhibitions planned by Professor Su Dan of the Academy of Arts & Design, and was another exhibition reviewing works of outstanding alumni of the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University (the former Central Academy of Craft Art). The previous three exhibitions in this series were “Engraved in the Heart: Chen Liu’s Watercolor Painting Exhibition”, “Deep in the Cloud: On the River·Gao Huijun’s Painting Exhibition”, and “Meet with the Land: Yu Huijian’s Painting Exhibition”. The Tsinghua academic group summarized and analyzed the modeling system of the Central Academy of Arts & Design within the vision of Chinese art history, and developed a complete network of China’s modern and contemporary art development, which provides references for the Academy to construct its future academic system.

Photo of Guests and Leaders of the Academy Attending the Opening Ceremony

Dean Lu Xiaobo and Associate Dean Su Dan Communicated with Feng Hai

Professor Du Dahai of the Department of Painting of the Academy Visited the Exhibition

Exhibition Site

Feng Hai’s four series were exhibited: the Mask series takes human body as the main element, the New Garden Dream focuses on opera characters, the Celebrity Portraits photographs stars and celebrities for many years, and the Images features artists since 2006.

“Mask” Series

“New Travelling in the Garden • Dream” Series

“In Search of the Supernatural” Series

“Celebrity Portraits” Series

“Image” Series

Feng Hai

Born in 1971 in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. His works are often published in magazines such as ELLE, BAZAAR, Fashion, L’OFFICIEL, Chinese Photographers, Modern Dress, and so on.

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design of the Central Academy of Arts and Design in 1995.

1995-1998 Taught at the National Huaqiao University in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.

2000 Graduated from the Master Program in Photography which was co-organized by the Central Academy of Arts & Design, Griffith University in Australia, and Queensland College of Art, and obtained a Master’s Degree in visual arts.

1999-2000 “China’s Best Fashion Photographer”

2000-2001 “China’s Best Fashion Photographer”

2002 Judge of the “MTV Awards Competition” and the “Lycra Fashion Awards Ceremony”

2007 Judge of the “HKIPP Asian Photography Annual Competition”

2007 held the “Space and Time” solo photography exhibition in the Today Art Museum

2009 selected into the Fashion File as a representative of Chinese photographers, which is a permanently collection of the Capital Museum

2010 won the Martell Extraordinary Artist Award

2010 Fashion Photographer of the Year of the “Fashion Ceremony”

2013 “China’s Modern Fashion Characters” at the 20th Anniversary of the Trends Group and Modern Media Group

2015 attended the Jimei x Arles Photography Festival in Xiamen

2016 visual art director of the Kunqu opera Lianxiangban

2016 attended the Taipei International Photography Festival