Chen Hongtao, Alumnus of the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, and His Team Designed and Completed the World’s Longest Sandstone Deep Relief in 3 Years

On November 26, the “Lingnan Chinese Medicine Culture Large Scale (1028-meter long and 3-meter wide) Sandstone Relief Landscape Promenade” designed by Chen Hongtao, a 2005-Class alumnus of the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University and his team was completed in the Lingnan Chinese Medicine Exposition Park in Guangzhou. It was certified as the world’s longest sandstone deep relief by the Guinness World Records.

Chen Hongtao, Alumnus of the Academy of Arts & Design and Cheng Dong (left), Certification Officer of the Guinness World Records

This relief promenade is located in the Lingnan National Medical Town, 40 kilometers away from downtown Guangzhou. The “Lingnan Chinese Medicine Culture Relief Landscape Promenade” takes 3 years and over 60 million Yuan to complete. It is 1,028-meter long, 3-meter wide and 20-centimeter thick. With a clear concept of time in chronological order from ancient to contemporary times, it integrates medicine, medication, literature, history and art to show and review Chinese medicine culture and history. It is designed to enrich Chinese medicine culture, recognize and disseminate its miraculous effects, and promote greater understanding of its history. It opens a window for visitors to understand Chinese medicine, and enables them to discover the history of Chinese medicine, trace its development process, and spread profound traditional Chinese culture in a pleasant environment with thousands of acres of various fragrant Chinese herbal medicines.


Meanwhile, high relief is adopted to engrave all the pictures, which produces an extremely strong and striking visual impact with the characteristics of being authentic, historic, informative and ornamental.