2020 Online Graduation Exhibition: Department of Arts & Crafts | Recording History and Offering Comfort for Soul through Artworks

Department of Visual Communication

Message from the Director of the Department

Graduation season is here. Usually at this time of year, the exhibition halls of art galleries and museums at Tsinghua University are packed with teachers, graduates and graduates' parents and friends, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made the 2020 version special. The pandemic has greatly affected our work, study, and life. What we should do is to record history and offer comfort to our souls through artworks. This graduation exhibition is a special exhibition. The online graduation exhibition creates both challenges and opportunities for our teachers and students. It provides us with a more open and diversity-embracing platform for creation and thinking.

The Department of Arts & Crafts pays attention to the combination of artistic practices, experiments of materials and conceptual expression, and encourages students to engage in diverse and in-depth art practices based on their major and personal interests. This year, the Department of Arts & Crafts has eight graduates receiving master's degrees, who completed 14 graduation projects, and 19 graduates receiving bachelor's degrees, who completed over 30 graduation projects. Professors and students worked together to overcome difficulties. This year, the graduates have chosen a wide range of themes for their graduation projects. Some of them focused on discovering the expressive power of materials themselves; some students emphasized the experimental and conceptual expression of artworks; some students experimented with interdisciplinary integration; some students reflected on their perception of life in this pandemic through artworks.

The significance of this online exhibition is far greater than previous graduation exhibitions. At this moment, words can't express my feelings. 2020 is destined to be an unforgettable year packed with actions. Good luck!

Hong Xingyu

Director of the Department of Arts & Crafts


Ratio Mirror

Pond and Fish


Hand Ornament

Xiang Dao

Instructor | Pan Miao


Gong Xiaojing

Instructor | Cheng Xiangjun

Mountains: The Reticulation Silver Brooches

Aoge Mengdai

Instructor | Pan Miao


Liu Yu

Instructor | Guan Donghai

Landscape Painting with Mother-of-Pearl Inlay

Xue Minqi

Instructor | Cheng Xiangjun

Ride the Wind and Waves


Gao Yan

Instructor | Yue Song

Marine Life

Wang Jing

Instructor | Wang Xiaoxin


Liu Xin

Instructor | Cheng Xiangjun


Craft Project for Zhaoshan Primary School in Longshan, Hunan

Zhang Hangci

Instructor | Yue Song

The Tower

Xu Xiaohui

Instructor | Yue Song

Reset to Zero

Xia Minjia

Instructor | Yue Song

Accessible Information

Zeng Fanru

Instructor | Hong Xingyu


Qiu Wenzhe

Instructor | Lin Lecheng

The Myth of Sisyphus

Zhu Yueyang

Instructor | Lin Lecheng


Pan Xinyue

Instructor | Lin Lecheng

The Return of Nature through Man-made Objects

Cui Changrong

Instructor | Hong Xingyu


Ring of Speech

Get along with Yourself

Zhang Daiqing

Instructor | Li Jing

"Wake Up" Series

Zhou Jiaxin

Instructor | Guan Donghai

"Life" Series

Zhao Ximeng

Instructor | Guan Donghai


Mo Bencheng

Instructor | Wang Jianzhong


Li Qiujiang

Instructor | Li Jing

There is No Difference between Inside the Wall and Outside the Wall

Zheng Demin 

Instructor | Guan Donghai


Wang Xintian

Instructor | Wang Jianzhong

"Fold" Series

Ren Huiyu

Instructor | Li Jing

Limited Memory

Brilliant Skin

Liu Lanxin

Instructor | Li Jing

Inaccurate Measurement

Zhang Zhiyun

Instructor | Wang Jianzhong

Four Seasons of Life

Li Xiangmin

Instructor | Guan Donghai

Source: Department of Arts and Crafts

Editor: Zhao Ruohan