2020 Online Graduation Exhibition: Department of Industrial Design | That Summer

Department of Industrial Design

Message from the Director of the Department

Like marathon, Life has many ups and downs. Among all chapters of life, the graduation season brings the most unforgettable memories.

Undoubtedly, you are lucky among your peers. You met in the beautiful campus of Tsinghua University in the best years of your life. You have taken basic courses together and participated in social programs, international exchanges programs, and even interdisciplinary programs together. You chase dreams together and have fun together. You have made friends on campus. You should take immense pride in what you have achieved. I believe that even if these precious memories of studying and living on the campus of Tsinghua University will become a beacon of light in your life.

Although this time we moved the graduation exhibition online due to the pandemic, your works have shown us your creativity, your ability to embrace tomorrow with enthusiasm, and that you have a solid foundation in your field of study.

Let's work together for a better tomorrow. Many years later, you will call this special summer "that summer", a summer during which you had overcome many difficulties and a summer that brought your lots of beautiful memories.

Zhang Lei

Director of the Department of Industrial Design


Arthropod-based Research and Design Applications

Yu Zhefan

Instructor | Qiu Song

Multifunctional Electric Scooter

Lu Zhi

Instructor | Liu Zhensheng

Concept Design for an Enhanced Cyborg System 

Liang Zhiqiang

Instructor | Zhao Chao

A Study of the Design of Qiansongba Service Area from the Perspective of Cultural Ecology

Wang Yue

Instructor | Zhang Lei

Design of Psychological Correction Device for Prisoners

Guan Jiayin

Instructor | Zhao Chao

Research of Materials Made from Fast-growing Herbaceous Plant and Design of Products Made of Such Materials 

Cheng Yeshuai

Instructor | Liu Xin

Pill Tape Chronic Disease Medication Compliance Management Design and Applications

Yi Haotian

Instructor | Wang Guosheng


Easy Shelter - Design Plan for Reconstruction of Modular Hospitals

Zhang Zhaoyu

Instructor | Zhao Chao

Design of Face Masks for Healthcare Personnel to Prevent Infectious Diseases

Li Jiaqi

Instructor | Liu Zhensheng


Somatosensory Game Products

Zhu Ziqi

Instructor | Cai Jun

A Study of the Future Transportation System Serving the Aging Society

Zhou Rui

Instructor | Liu Qiang

Community Garden Design

Wang Yitong

Instructor | Zhang Lei

Research and Design of Hospital Beds for Children with Infectious Disease

Yu Xingman

Instructor | Zhao Chao

Design of Diet Management Solutions for Patients with Chronic Diseases

Hu Kaizhou

Instructor | Wang Guosheng

Pregnancy Health Products & Service Design

Li Hanyu

Instructor | Shi Xiping

HAULBACK Smart Cardiac Arrest Care Device

Zhang Qingyu

Instructor | Liu Zhensheng

Smart Air Purifier Design

Zhang Jinjin

Instructor | Liu Zhensheng

Conceptual Design of Smart Beekeeping Products for Rural Households

Li Qingxia

Instructor | Jiang Hongbin

Lock Sugar Design

Liang Xutong

Instructor | Wang Guosheng


Urban Dweller Table

Cui Genglv

Instructor | Shi Xiping



Wu Genggeng

Instructor | Zhang Lei

ME-CLEAN Medical Waste Treatment Station Design

Liao Zhuoying

Instructor | Ma Sai

Rural Food Waste Composting System for the Door-to-Door Waste Collection Mode

Wu Hao

Instructor | Jiang Hongbin

Design of Rehabilitation Management Service and Product for Patients with Osteoporosis

Li Maoyuan

Instructor | Wang Guosheng

Research and Design of Household Clothing Care and Disinfection Equipment

Cao Yulin

Instructor | Liu Qiang

Under the Same Roof

Chen Chuhan

Instructor | Jiang Hongbin

Product Design based on Studies of Outdoor Sports Behaviors of the Elderly 

Cui Shihe

Instructor | Cai Jun

Disinfection and Cleaning Equipment for Indoor Public Places during a Pandemic

Wu Xia

Instructor | Jiang Hongbin


Yi Pengjun

Instructor | Zhang Lei

Self-driving Vehicle for Shoppers

Shao Xiaowei

Instructor | Liu Zhiguo


Yan Zhan

Instructor | Liu Xin


Interior Design of BLACK HOLE Self-driving Electric Car

Liu Xukai

Instructor | Liu Zhiguo

Mercedes-Benz Vision Floating

Zhou Zifan

Instructor | Liu Zhiguo

Square Home

Yu Yuanteng

Instructor | Liu Xin

Electric Sports Car Concept Design

Wu Haoxi

Instructor | Yan Yang


Human-Computer Interaction System and Interface Design for Semi-automatic Cars

Wang Xingxue

Instructor | Yan Yang

Conceptual Interior Design for Future Shared Vehicles

Wu Fei

Instructor | Liu Xin

Design of Leisure Sports Off-road Vehicles

Kim Chan Woo

Instructor | Liu Xin

Conceptual Design of Mobile Co-working Space

Wang Zhe

Instructor | Yan Yang

Quiet and Peace – Zen-themed Interior Design for Cars

Liu Zijing

Instructor | Zhang Lei

Source: Department of Industrial Design 

Editor: Zhao Ruohan