2020 Online Graduation Exhibition: Department of Environmental Design | Experience is an inexhaustible stimulator for personal growth

Department of Visual Communication

Message from the Director of the Department

In 2020, the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University held a special graduation ceremony for 31 graduates receiving bachelor's degrees and 14 graduates receiving master's degrees from the Department of Environmental Design. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to stay at home and took classes online. They had managed to keep close contact with the professors of the department and their thesis supervisors. The students were unprepared for the outbreak, and many of them had left their computers and books in the classroom or dormitory. The field investigations and surveys scheduled to be carried out after the winter vacation were canceled. But the difficulties didn't stop them from studying and conducting research at home and completing all graduation requirements according to the plans of the university, the Academy, the department and their thesis supervisors. The students have actively communicated with their professors and supervisors about their graduation projects, thesis defense, and graduation exhibition. 

They successfully completed their graduation projects, defended their theses, and presented their projects and theses on an online graduation exhibition platform for the first time. The Class of 2020 have encountered unpredictable difficulties, but they have also gained a rare experience. This special experience will become an inexhaustible stimulator for their personal growth. God bless them. They will become more mature and more tenacious after this pandemic which lasted from the winter into the summer in 2020. I believe this experience will give them courage to face challenges head-on and pursue their dreams in the future. I hope they will fondly remember the good times they had on the campus and be proud alumni of Tsinghua University.

Song Limin

Director of the Department of Environmental Design


Revitalization of Industrial Heritage: Design from the Perspective of Overall Environment

Cheng Ming

Instructor | Song Limin

Research on Shopping Space Design for Consumption Model Transformation

Dai Ziting

Instructor | Cui Xiaosheng

Shougang Revitalization Plan

Wang Yan

Instructor | Du Yi

Fantasy of a Food Market

Wei Jianxue

Instructor | Liang Wen

Coal Mine Community Design from the Perspective of Daily Life

Yue Xiang

Instructor | Su Dan

Small Residential Community Design

Zhou Hanxiang

Instructor | Cui Xiaosheng

A Study of Hotel Room User Experience

Zhu Chuyin

Instructor | Zhang Yue

Landscape Design of the Eastern Section of Yuan Dadu City Wall Ruins Park 

Mei Yongqiang

Instructor | Fang Xiaofeng

CITIC Group Exhibition Hall Design Utilizing the Principle of Visual Perception

Wang Hao

Instructor | Du Yi

Ding Zhaozhong Science and Technology Museum Interior Design

Wang Xinyi

Instructor | Su Dan

Environmental Design of Public Space in Fangkou Village, Hebei Province

Zhang Zedong

Instructor | Song Limin

Research and Design of Interactive Spaces for an Institutional Elderly Care Project in Fengtai District, Beijing

Zhu Lin

Instructor | Li Chaoyang

Design and Research of the Boneng Art Center in Nanchang in the Context of the Gan Business Culture

Zhou Huizi

Instructor | Su Dan

A Study of the Redesign of Public Spaces in Old Residential Quarters

Zhou Tao

Instructor | Cui Xiaosheng


Contemporary College Students' Fear of Socializing and Design of Public Furniture for Colleges

Cao Lin

Instructor | Yu Lizhan

Modular Design in Interior Design

Cao Tiange

Instructor | Liu Beiguang

Projection of Illusion

Chen Xuefei

Instructor | Liang Wen

A Study of Transparency and Hotel Interior Design

Gan Yuhong

Instructor | Liu Beiguang

Alpha City

He Mengning

Instructor | Du Yi

Plant Growth Incubator

Hu Mengxin

Instructor | Guan Yunjia

Tenacious Persian Flower

Hu Xinyue

Instructor | Song Limin

"Coupling" Cities

Lei Jiyuan

Instructor | Huang Yan

Enjoy the Sunset

Lei Yahan

Instructor | Li Sa

Mobile Labor

Li Jinming

Instructor | Tu Shan


Li Xiyuan

Instructor | Li Sa

Unreal Reality

Li Xiaxi

Instructor | Liang Wen

Matchless Captive - Prada Flagship Store No. 673 

Liu Tianyi

Instructor | Lu Yichen


Liu Xinwen

Instructor | Wang Jiansong

Activity Spaces in Multicultural Communities

Liu Yuqiao

Instructor | Wang Jiansong

Shenmu Museum Exhibition Design

Luo Jia

Instructor | Su Dan

Burning after Reading - Burning Man Festival Public Art Space Design

Ma Ke

Instructor | Lu Yichen

Open Back Chairs

Ma Mengke

Instructor | Yu Lizhan

Experimental Movie Space

Qin Yajie

Instructor | Song Limin

Thickness of Life - Conceptual Design of Community Architecture

Shi Fangzhou

Instructor | Cui Xiaosheng

Space Identity Reconstruction-Parallel Space of the Gulangyu Island

Wang Hongye

Instructor | Liang Wen

Nostalgic Future - A Reconstruction Based on the Tradition of Courtyard Space

Xia Shangge

Instructor | Guan Yunjia

The Surface of a City

Xiao Hanhan

Instructor | Cui Xiaosheng

Revitalization of the Ancient City Wall of Beijing

Xu Yibo

Instructor | Huang Yan

Dystopian Space Design Utilizing Mixed Reality

Yin Qing

Instructor | Wang Jiansong

The Art of Ocean Growth – A Study of Interior Space of the Seven-story Wooden Structure Hotel in Tianjin Beikejian

Zhang Mengyuan

Instructor | Liu Beiguang

Traditional Commercial Space Design in the Internet Age

Zhang Weiqi

Instructor | Du Yi

The "Revolution" of Millennials

Zhang Xinqi

Instructor | Du Yi

Expressions of Cities

Zhang Xueying

Instructor | Cui Xiaosheng

Application of Mortise and Tenon in Display Structure Design

Zhao Zanqin

Instructor | Li Sa

Landscape Design of Shenmu Museum

Tan Chengjing

Instructor | Su Dan

Source: Department of Environmental Design

Editor: Zhao Ruohan