2020 Online Graduation Exhibition: Department of Ceramic Design | You Shape Ceramics

Department of Ceramic Design

Message from the Director of the Department

The Class of 2020 are destined to leave a mark in the history of the academy. Because you guys have experienced an unprecedented pandemic with the rest of the country and the world, and completed your graduation designs in such a short time and presented them in such a brilliant way that everyone can see your talent and perseverance.

The art of making ceramics requires artists to build an emotional connection with clay. The process is long and complicated. It is what makes ceramic artworks captivating. The time for the Class of 2020 to complete graduation work was very short. You had no choice but to work hard in the workshop day and night. Laboring in a workshop is also what traditional ceramic artists would do most of time. Preparing for the online exhibition took up a lot of your time, but you did not lower your academic standards due to the limitation of time and poor working conditions. You have done very well in the graduation exhibition and thesis defense.

In the past few years, each step you took has come as a pleasant surprise to us. You have learned to make ceramics and be creative here. Your graduation work is a combination of what you have learned and how you perceive the world. Through the art of making ceramics, you have built a strong connection with history, traditions and life. Because I believe that any aspect of ceramic making, from technique to art, from restrictions to freedom, from imitation to creation, from present to the future, from the perception of material to the improvement of spirit, could reshape you.

It is very difficult to stand out as a unique artist. The key is to look into the depths of your soul and find out what makes you unique. I hope you will promote the spirit of independence and the idea of freedom through your artworks.

Bai Ming

Director of the Department of Ceramic Design


Maze Illusion

Liu Peiyang

Instructor | Bai Ming

Phantom in the Mirror

Sun Jialing

Instructor | Bai Ming


Chen Sihan

Instructor | Zheng Ning

Hand Stamped Ceramics

Deng Chaolong

Instructor | Qiu Gengyu

An Old City Overgrown with Grass & City Ruins

Yang Shasha

Instructor | Bai Ming

Life Like Summer Flowers

Gao Ming

Instructor | Wang Hui

The Rhyme of Life

Fang Mengyao

Instructor | Yang Fan

Vein & Flowers are Flowers

Chen Jie

Instructor | Liu Runfu



Yang Ke

Instructor | Bai Ming

I'm Fine. How about You?

Song Danyang

Instructor | Zheng Ning

Chasing the Light & Pupa

Li Yazhu

Instructor | Wang Hui

Afternoon Tea for Unicorns & Mermaid's Dressing Table

Li Mingyu

Instructor | Yang Fan

Glazed Mound

Liu Che

Instructor | Bai Ming

The Floating City in My Dream

Hu Zhuoya

Instructor | Zheng Ning

Bone Structure

Dong Junyi

Instructor | Wang Hui

Paper Balls & Paper Cranes

Pan Xinmeng

Instructor | Yang Fan

Source: Department of Ceramic Design

Editor: Zhao Ruohan