Daily life in art at Tsinghua

Art has become part of my life; with art, my life is rich and colorful.

——Wu Guanying

From a willow tree to a lotus pond, from a Chinese pavilion to a stone bridge, Professor Wu Guanying of Tsinghua's Academy of Arts and Design captures the beauty of Tsinghua in his paintings. Can you recognize where they are on campus?

Whether on the university grounds, or traveling around the world, Professor Wu always has his sketchbook and brush to immortalize the scenes around him.

Ordinary life shines in his paintings: a happy family in a café, a girl enjoying her food, an old neighborhood, life at a farmhouse...

Professor Wu found his life's passion when he was a child and has been teaching design and illustration ever since 1982. He contributed to the design of the official mascots of the Beijing Olympic Games, as well as the Beijing Paralympic Games, and also designed special commemorative stamps for Chinese New Year.

When it comes to teaching, Professor Wu believes his most important role is to open the eyes of his students so that they see and appreciate life.

To sketch is to observe and savor life itself.

——Wu Guanying

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