Commencement Ceremony for Postgraduate Students

The commencement ceremony for postgraduate students was held at Tsinghua University on July 6th 2019. Of the postgraduates, 2,279 received doctoral degrees and 5,728 received master’s degrees. The President and Chairman of the Degree Conferral Committee of Tsinghua University, Qiu Yong, delivered the commencement speech. Tsinghua University Council Chairperson Chen Xu, and other university leaders, awarded certificates to the new postgraduates. The Vice President and Vice Chairman of the Degree Conferral Committee of Tsinghua University Yang Bin presided over the ceremony.

In his speech, President Qiu congratulated the graduates on behalf of the University.

“You have spent an unforgettable period of time pursuing graduate study at the Tsinghua campus. I believe that when you enter a new phase of life, you will surely thrive and strive to ascend new heights and appreciate the more beautiful scenery in life”.

President Qiu stated that the power of life comes from faith, and the scenery of life depends on one’s own choices. Self-confidence is a belief based on self-identity and self-conviction. He hoped that the graduates would cultivate self-confidence while drawing on historical and cultural nutrients, be firm in their self-confidence while overcoming difficulties and doubts, and sublimate their state of life with an open and confident mind.

“I hope and believe that you will continue to enrich your self-cultivation, temper your indomitable will, develop an open and inclusive mind, and let your confident youth shine more brilliantly and enduringly. Tsinghua will always be your warm home. You’re welcome to return home anytime,” said President Qiu.

Reposted from Tsinghua University News

By Guo Lili, John Olbrich