Department of Industrial Design of the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University Concluded the Course on Automobile Exterior and Interior Design in Cooperation with Nissan China

On 15 November 2017, the “Report Exhibition of the Course on Automobile Exterior and Interior Design” sponsored by Nissan Design China (NDC) and completed by the 2014-class who majors in Transportation Vehicle Design of the Department of Industrial Design of the Academy of Arts & Design was open. This exhibition combined various forms such as image, video, clay model, hard model, and students’ on-site presentations.


The Transportation Vehicle Design program is committed to cultivating design talent who can meet future career requirements and possess strong capabilities of analysis, innovation, modeling, and visual expression. To this end, it is effective to train students  hand in hand with domestic and foreign automobile enterprises during the course.

This sponsored course lasted one year. Instructors had stricter requirements than in previous courses, so there was a completion rate of homework and innovated expression methods. NDC organized a tutor group composed of experts from various fields such as design strategy, modeling innovation, rendering drawing, digital modeling and rendering, clay model production, and interior and color to help the students. With the cultivation and help from instructors and experts, students in this major made remarkable progress in all aspects including automobile design expertise, professional skills, and design concepts.


In the third academic year which is the first year for professional study, we cooperate with the NUSSAN China Design Center and give the sponsored course. In the first half of the academic year, we mainly focus on automobile exterior design. Students can freely choose from the three topics: Cool NISSAN, INFINITI Truck, and GTR2025.

The whole course has five major parts: preliminary investigation and positioning, modeling discussion and establishment, clay model production, digital post-production, and hard model production. Guidance is provided by senior designers from NISSAN at each stage.


In the second half of the academic year, we focus on interior design modeling. Students can freely choose topics and continue their exterior design plans. The entire course is carried out in accordance with the process of interior design goal, modeling discussions and performance, and digital & media production.