6 Students from the Department of Painting of the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University Held A Joint Exhibition

On the afternoon of November 1, the two student exhibitions themed “Mu·Ke” and “Man Mang?” were held. “Mu·Ke”, a straightforward combination of two students’ names, projects strong individual styles and self awareness. Each individual has a distinct personality, which means their works have a unique form of language. It can be subtle emotions expressed, either good or bad, or an unconscious outlet, displaying feelings during creation. This exhibition presented the two students’ works from many aspects, hoping to communicate with its audience through their works.


Man Mang means the original, tenacious and strong vitality, and also means our endless, vigorously growing and pioneering youth. However, at this age that deserves vigorous growth the most, we seem to be “behaved” and “hesitant”. Are we limited by the environment, or are we constrained by ourselves? The question mark in “Man Mang?” is the question we put forward. Where is our enthusiasm? Where should our art go?