2020 Online Graduation Exhibition: Master of Fine Arts in Creative and Design for Science Popularization | Closely Combining Art and Science

Message from the Project Leader

Out of your common love for science popularization, you met on the beautiful Tsinghua campus. Today, after three years of unremitting efforts, you can finally present your design results to the world. Your lively and interesting design works full of imagination closely combine art and science to reveal the mystery of science from different angles with different artistic concepts and expression techniques. Your joint efforts have built up a common dream. Let's wish the online graduation exhibition a complete success.

Zhang Lei

Project Leader of the Program of Master of Fine Arts in Creative and Design for Science Popularization

Love before the Disappearance of Memory

AR Popular Science Picture Book about Alzheimer's

Wang Qian

Supervisor | Zhang Lie 

Visualized Exploration of Application of Cardiovascular Health Data in Accessory Design

Jiao Jing

Supervisor | Chen Lei

Bird and Worm Patterns

Popular Science Design Based on Books on Birds and Worms during the Periods of Spring and Autumn and Warring States

Yang Hong

Supervisor | Chen Nan

Revitalization Plan of Suzhou Numerals  

Liu Sitong

Supervisor | Liu Qiang

The Story of the Stage: China

Bao Mengruo

Supervisor | Zhang Lie

Animitta of a Thousand Faces

New Image Design Based on a Study of the Structural Formation of Nuo Masks

Zu He

Supervisor | Guan Yan

"Sugar War"

A Study on the Science Popularization Display Design about Sugar

Li Chenghui

Supervisor | Yang Dongjiang

Drifting Lonely Islands

Science Popularization Display Design about Young Lonely Crowds

Du Fang

Supervisor | Li Chaoyang

Interstellar Garden

 Wang Sheng

Supervisor |  Shi Danqing

Science Popularization Design of Dunhuang Mural Dance

 Diao Yuting

Supervisor | Mi Haipeng

Secrets of Blue Flowers

Zhou Lijia

Supervisor | Yuan Bo

Children's Music Creation Toys

Liu Fangqing

Supervisor | Zhang Lei

Archive Stars

Meng Xurui

Supervisor | Yuan Bo

Three-Pound Cosmos

 Li Jiaxing

Supervisor | Zhang Yue

Science Popularization Display Design about Railway of the Qinglongqiao Affiliated Factory

Zhang Xinyue

Supervisor | Zhang Yue

Illustrated Story Presentation: a Popular Science Study on the Behavioral Relationship Between Cats and People

Liu Zeyu

Supervisor | Zu Naishen

Foggy Silk

Popular Science Creative Design Based on Bacterial Cellulose

Li Yating

Supervisor | Wu Qiong

Beauty of Seasons

He Ziming

Supervisor | Zhang Mangmang

A Study on the Community Mobile Children's Popular Science and Fitness Display Design

 Chen Junlin

Supervisor | Fan Yinliang

Popular Science Design of Interactive Curling

He Jiaqiu

Supervisor | Fu Zhiyong

"Whale Fall" Hand Painted Information Map

 Fu Yunqi

Supervisor | Wang Hongwei

Popular Science Study and Design Based on Chitin Materials

 Huang Sunjie

Supervisor | Liu Xin

A Country of Sleep God

Chen Mengrou

Supervisor | Hua Jianxin 

Future Food Package Design

An Exploration of Popular Science Publicity Forms Based on Commodity Package Design

Wang Xiaonan

Supervisor | Chen Lei

Kit Teaching Car and Related System Design Based on the Concept of "Shared Garage"

Xu Mengjia

Supervisor | Yan Yang


Popular Science Device Design Oriented to Plant Phototropism

 Huang He

Supervisor |  Wu Qiong

The Design Research about Aerodynamic Popularization Based on Augmented Reality

Wu Fanghui

Supervisor | Ma Sen

Lonely Eden

Song Mingshan

Supervisor | Qian Zhe

Rescuing Raptors

A Practical Exploration on Popular Science Mini-Program on the Theme of Raptor Rescue

Lu Xiaowei

Supervisor | Mi Haipeng

Source: Creative and Design for Science Popularization

Editor: Zhao Ruohan