2020 Online Graduation Exhibition: Department of Information Art & Design | Remembering a Special Journey of Graduation

Department of Information Art & Design

Message from the Director of the Department

The special period of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to each student's senior projects, but you have overcome all these difficulties. The four years' study has not only honed your skills of artistic creation, but also developed your ability of independent thinking, systematic design thinking, concerns with social reality, and hopeful visions of future life. Your works, though not perfect, breed infinite possibilities, as well as depth and breadth of sustainable development.

The next stage of our life will always be full of unknowns and challenges. I hope you are ready to move forward with the academic accumulation and passion for continuous innovation you have achieved here. Let's remember this special journey of graduation, with gratitude to all people whom we've never met for their efforts and great sacrifices. Please remember that you also hold up their hopes!

Dean of the Department of Information Art & Design

Wang Zhigang


Information and Interaction Design for the Global-integrated Network

Zhang Fengjie

Instructor | Wu Qiong

Application of Gesture Interactive Game in the Prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Rehabilitation Exercise

Zhong Weikang

Instructor | Xu Yingqing

LU Future: An automotive HMI Design for Family Users

Jian Rujun

Instructor | Zhang Mangmang

Interaction Design Study of Tools for Musical Instrument Practice

Ru Yanan

Instructor | Zhang Lie

Remote Collaborative Learning Platform Design for Steam Education

Zhou Yuyao

Instructor | Fu Zhiyong

Research on Intelligent Interaction System Designed for Parent-child in Car

Zhao Jiru

Instructor | Fu Zhiyong

Cultural Communion, Macau born and Raised Portuguese

Chen Yongjian

Instructor | Feng Jianguo

Illness Death Memories

Li Tong

Instructor | Feng Jianguo


Wu Yike

Instructor | Feng Jianguo

Public Sentiment

Zhou Xueyi

Instructor | Xu Yingqing

Interactive Fitness Space with Virtual Coach

Li Xiuping

Instructor | Shi Danqing

Tale of Iron Mountain: Design of Emergent Narrative Games

Yan Shangjie

Instructor | Wang Zhigang

Snow Mountain, Fairy Mountain

Zhang Jinwen

Instructor | Xu Yingqing


Wang Nan

Instructor | Mi Haipeng

Design and Implementation of Full-hand Interaction of Smart Phones

Wei Xiaoying

Instructor | Yu Chun


Meng Fanhang

Instructor | Wang Zhigang

BioForest: Application of Biofeedback Relaxation Training Based on Virtual Reality

Wang Geping

Instructor | Wu Qiong

Fraud Risk Analysis and Visualization of Cryptocurrency Transaction Based on Graph Network

Xuan Cheng

Instructor | Cui Peng

Fitness Monitoring System Based on Human Pose Estimation

Liu Lan

Instructor | Zhang Songhai

Multi-person Interactive Vehicle-mounted System Based on the Scene of Zoos

Jiang Nan

Instructor | Fu Zhiyong

Ring-based Smartphone Controlling Method for Visually Impaired People

Liu Guanhong

Instructor | Shi Yuanchun

An Anxiety Management System for College Students Based on CCBT

Liang Jie

Instructor | Jia Jia

Interaction Design on the Combining Interface of AR Helmet and Smartphone

Ren Jie

Instructor | Shi Yuanchun

An Intelligent Painting System Based on Voice Interaction

Wu Lijia

Instructor | Xu Kun

Research on Perceptual Technology of Key information out of View in Panoramic Video

Zhang Zhexu

Instructor | Sun Lifeng


Identity Mirror Image: Ethical Reflection on Future Cyberworld Identity

Xiao Lanxi

Instructor | Wu Qiong

Human-machine Boundary

Huang Jieni

Instructor | Fu Zhiyong

The Observer: An Interactive Narrative Game Combined with Character Personality Analysis

Jiang Chunxiao

Instructor | Mi Haipeng

Personal Data Library: Matteo Ricci

Huang Weilan

Instructor | Shi Danqing

On and Off Stage

Shi Xiaorong

Instructor | Xian Feng

Intelligent Manufacturing-oriented Interactive Large Screen System 

with Visualization of Process: A Case Study of Wheel Hub Production

Gao Weiwei

Instructor | Mi Haipeng


Zhang Yilin

Instructor | Shi Danqing

Research on the Design Method of Gesture Interaction in Rehabilitation Training for Hearing-impaired Children

Wang Ziyi

Instructor | Xu Yingqing


Zang Tianyi

Instructor | Wu Qiong

A Story in Telescope

Zhang Xiaoting

Instructor | Xian Feng

The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion

Lyu Yixuan

Instructor | Wu Shizhong

Eye to Eye

Feng Liangliang

Instructor | Zhang Lie

Installation Work About Creation of the Gods

Gao Yuke

Instructor | Zhang Lie

Fairyland of 24 Solar Terms

Gao Fei/Zhang Weiyi/Hao Tianxiang

Instructor | Xian Feng

Garden of Cognition

Tong Hua/Tang Lilu

Instructor | Fu Zhiyong

A Mystery of Handwriting

Hu Yiming/Kang Hongbo/Meng Yining

Instructor | Wu Qiong


Wang Tianyi/Li Jiahui/Xu Ruixiang

Instructor | Mi Haipeng


Wu Yuhan/Tang Xu/Yang Yufei/Zhang Ruotian

Instructor | Guan Yan

Face in a Wall

Wang Yue/Liu Jiawei/Ling Jingwang

Instructor | Mi Haipeng

VR Maze

Wan Songyun

Instructor | Wu Qiong

Whisper of Gluttony

Li Ziping

Instructor | Wu Qiong

Hometown Glory

Li Hang'an

Instructor | Deng Yan

Spring Under the Epidemic

Chang Beibei

Instructor | Feng Jianguo

Utopia by the Sea

Xiao Lenan

Instructor | Deng Yan

Cycle Story

Zhang Chengping

Instructor | Deng Yan

Inside of Hutong

Xue Tianjia

Instructor | Feng Jianguo

Time Machine

Gui Jiayue

Instructor | Feng Jianguo


Huang Ziyi

Instructor | Chen Lei


Huang Qi

Instructor | Wu Guanying

Let's Dance

He Mengyuan

Instructor | Chen Lei

GYM (Trailer)

Guo Chuanxiu

Instructor | Wang Zhigang

Transcend (Trailer)

Lin Jie/Qin Chuan

Instructor | Chen Lei/Wang Zhigang

The Finish Line

Yue Chen

Instructor | Chen Lei

Source: Department of Information Art & Design

Editor: Zhao Ruohan