Bai Yun

Associate Professor and Bachelor of Arts


Academic Memberships:

Member of Beijing Artists Association

Member of Beijing Female Painters Fellowship


Research Fields:

Comparison of Visual Aesthetics of Colors between Chinese and Western Paintings


Academic Standpoints:

The visual aesthetics of colors presented in the Chinese and Western paintings differ in many aspects. In Western paintings, visual aesthetics of colors has benefited from branches of science such as optics, perspective, human anatomy and physics. It is a natural combination of painting arts, scientific spirit and humanistic ideas, and more of a science-based art. In traditional Chinese paintings, however, visual aesthetics of colors highlights the harmony between men and nature[2] , and it is more of a harmonious philosophy of art featuring the unity of form and spirit.

Bai Yun advocates inheriting and promoting artistic conception in the traditional Chinese paintings while still paying close attention to the research progress in Western paintings.[3]  Using various painting materials with sound painting skills, especially oil painting materials of high expressiveness, to carry out researches on the strength of the essence and characteristics of both the Chinese and Western paintings.[L4]  The purpose and target of this research is to promote the traditional Chinese paintings in harmony with nature.


Academic Achievements:

Bai Yun has published seven papers and five books. Her representative works include the Landscape Series (oil painting), the Middle Summer Series (oil painting), the Chinese Landscape Painting Series (oil painting) etc.


Courses Taught:

Bai Yun teaches Sketching, Coloration, Design Coloration, and Visual Languages etc.