Chen Xiaolin


Research Area:

Explore the diversity and possibility of painting language expression

Academic Viewpoint:

Art expresses sensibilities while the creator's sensibilities stem from the understanding of the poetry of life. Art works transform objective realities through subjective and emotional expression of human beings, and thus infusing reality into art. How to find the language system related to the poetic conception in the context of painting is the subject that concerns me the most and that I have been exploring. Sketches and expression through colors are my two research areas. In terms of expression, I focus on expression through imagery. Compared with figurative and abstract expressions, I think imagery suits me more. I like the interrelationship between imagery and figurative and abstract expressions. At the same time, the expression of imagery is a typical oriental tradition. As time goes by, I have been more aware of the importance of tradition to innovation.


Decorative Painting, Shaanxi People's Publishing House; A Fine Collection of Chen Xiaolin’s Works, Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House; The Expression of Colors, Higher Education Press


major courses undertaken: Sketching, Quick Sketch, Colors in Nature, Visual Language I, Visual Language II