Jin Na

Jin Na:
Professor, Graduate advisor, and Bachelor of Arts
Academic Memberships:
Member of the Tenth All-China Youth Federation
Member of the Eleventh Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
Member of the Ninth Beijing Youth Federation
Member of Beijing Artists Association
Member of Beijing Realistic Painting Association
Research Fields:
Traditional Chinese bird-and-flower painting
Academic Standpoints:

After its splendid times from Song Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, the traditional Chinese bird-and-flower painting survived the vicissitudes afterwards and thrived in the latest several decades. However, the spiritual connotation and sentiment of modern bird-and-flower painting have strayed away from those of  traditional ones. The development of modern bird-and-flower painting is restrained and confined by the overflow of works with empty contents and poor expressions. Therefore, every artist is faced by the same question: how to get back to the tradition, inherit the essence, and create works able to satisfy the modern aesthetic needs on one hand and be endowed with the spiritual connotation on the other hand. This is also one of the most pressing questions that the academy needs to explore and solve.

It has been proved that the development of the Chinese bird-and-flower painting depends on the study of tradition and on the formation of personal style. Study over tradition is the only way to learn the traditional Chinese painting, and personal style is the power to sustain the development of the traditional Chinese painting.

Academic Achievements:
1. Books published
       (1) Realistic Painting Skills of Birds and Flowers by Southwest China Normal University Press
       (2) Outline Drawing Skills of Flowers and Plants by Liaoning Art Publishing House
       (3) Heavy Color Arts of Flowers and Plants by Anhui Art Publishing House
       (4) New Realistic Bird-and-Flower Painting by Southwest China Normal University Press
       (5) Teaching and Research of Imperative-court Bird-and-Flower Painting in Two-Song Dynasty by Tsinghua University Press
       (6) Collection of Works at the Academy Arts and Design of Tsinghua University Designs and Sketches by Zhejiang Art Press
2. Papers Published:
    (1) Experiences of Bird-and-Flower Painting on the 1st issue of Art Guide, 2002
    (2) The Essence of Bird-and-Flower Painting of Artists in Two-Song Dynasty on the 10th issue of Art Observation, 2003
(3) Appreciation and Tracing of Flower-and-Bird Painting of Two-Song Dynasty on the 10th issue of Decorations, 2003
(4) Basic Teaching Researches On Sketching on the 6th issue of Decoration, 2005
4. Art collections published:
(1) Realistic Heavy Color Paintings by Jin Na Global, Local and Detail by Anhui Art Publishing House
    (2) Collections of Jin Na’s Heavy Color Works by Tianjin Art Publishing House
    (3) Come to Know Jin Na by Tianjin Art Publishing House
5. Paper instruction to post-graduate:
    (1) Of the Drawing Spirit of Flower-and-Bird Painting in Two-Song Dynasty
6. Awards (since 1999)
       Work Breeze won the third prize of the Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Modern China Youth, 1999
   Jin Na was invited to attend the A-hundred Artist Program held by Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles, 2006
Excellence Award of the fifth National Youth Unity and Progress, 2007
Courses Taught:
Jin Na teaches Outline Drawing, Realistic Flower-and-Bird Painting, Free-hand Flower-and-Bird Painting and Sketching.
The first and second piece of Memory of the Early Spring, 68 cm*68 cm, silk scroll, produced in 2009
Morning Face, 110 cm*110 cm, silk scroll, produced in 1996
Calla, 78 cm*60 cm, silk scroll, produced in 2000