Ning Ningning

Ning Ningning:
Lecturer, MA
Research Fields:
Visual language for color representation
Academic Standpoints:

Color representation is based on the proper understanding of color and the construction of formal languages since one cannot communicate through color unless he/she masters it. The observation, discovery and collection of color do not mean objective color imitation but the integration of rationality and sensibility that involves one's aesthetic emotion into the object. In other words, it is the expression of emotion based on the fundamental knowledge of color and the observation of nature and life making use of such techniques of expression like exaggeration, refinement or illusion. 

Color training does not advocate the imitation of color icons of any color system since rigid reference of the color icons risks losing vividness. Only through first-hand experience can one foster keen color perception and thus create vivid, unique and personalized colors. The mastery of color theories enables one to have a general knowledge of color contrast. Delicate and rich color expressions rely on keen color perceptions.
Academic Achievements:

In 2001, the work “Small Red House in Tsinghua” won the nomination award in the Art & Science International Exhibition. This work has been displayed in various painting exhibitions in and out of the school for many times.

Zhang Bomeng, Ning Ningning: New Color Composition (Compiled by the School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, adopted as textbook for arts and design majors in arts colleges.), published by Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House in 2010
Courses Taught:
Colorful Still Life Painting and Visual Language