Nie Yuehua

Nie Yuehua

Associate professor and graduate supervisor with master’s degree


Academic Memberships

Supervisor Committee Member of Seal Engraving Academy, Chinese National Academy of Arts

Member of China Artists Association

Member of Beijing Female Painters Federation

Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Watercolor Painting Art Committee


Research Fields: 

Multi-materials Painting


Academic Standpoints

Propylene, a water-soluble latex, is a newly discovered painting material with renderability like ink and watercolor and shapability like an oily material. Therefore, this new painting material can not only create extempore writings and paintings like ink and watercolor, reflecting the characteristics of tolerant, unrestrained and sincere Eastern people, but can also make use of its shapability to reflect the Western people’s characteristics, namely reason and quest for truth.


Academic Achievements

Work Autumn won the Bronze Award in the First National Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition of Youth organized by China Literature and Art Foundation in 2003 National Art Museum of China

 Work City Collections – Warm Autumn was selected for the Tenth National Art Exhibition in 2004 Shenzhen Art Museum

 Work City Collections – One of the Midsummer Nights was selected for the Seventh National Watercolor Painting and Gouache Exhibition in 2005 Zhengzhou Art Museum

 Works Afterglow and Green Shades were selected for the 19th New Artists New Works Exhibition organized by China Artists Association in 2006 Lanzhou Art Museum

 Work Purple Sunshine won the second prize in the Chinese Female Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition organized by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation in 2006 Beijing CPPCC Exhibition Hall

 Work Spring was selected for the Eighth National Watercolor Painting and Gouache Exhibition in 2007 Dalian Baiyun Art Museum

 Works Afterglow and Green Shades won the Annual Award in Chinese Art Teachers’ Works Exhibition in 2007 Shenyang

 Asian Watercolor Painting Exhibition work Palm was exhibited in Korea Watercolor Painting Exhibition in 2008 Busan, South Korea

 Work Virtual Space of Lotus was selected for the Eleventh National Art Exhibition in 2009


Courses Taught

Sketching, Coloration, Patterns and Quick Sketching Course.