Qiu Song

Qiu Song

Professor, Master of Arts, Director of Basic Courses Teaching & Research Office, PhD Supervisor


Academic Memberships

Member of National Self-study Examination (Art Design) Committee

Member of China Industrial Design Association

Oversea Sodality Member of Chaoyang District in Beijing


Research Fields

Design Morphology, Design Management


Academic Standpoints

“Design Morphology” targets at systematic research on modeling disciplines and methods in the design field. It covers knowledge of form functions, principles, structures, materials and technologies and also includes the relevant psychology, feeling, conversion, culture and religion. Focusing on form research, design morphology integrates a great deal of relevant knowledge through modeling activities for systematic and comprehensive thinking, creation, evaluation and research. “Design Morphology” is an important research platform in the design field and also provides an opportunity for cross-subject research. 

“Design Management” is an emerging subject which introduces the concept of management to the design field. Focusing on “design”, this new subject systematically manages design planning (strategy), design research and implementation, production and marketization, brand strategy, sustainable development of design as well as other sectors through management measures, and hence greatly increases the efficiency of design transformation to goods. In addition, “Design Management” is an important measure of design industrialization. Research on this subject can not only bring design into systematic management, improve communication and coordination in the design sector, but also explore a new way to combine production, learning and research.

Academic Achievements

Dozens of Qiu Song’s theses with high academic value have been published in academic journals both home and abroad and international seminars. E.G. “Create Brand Value for Enterprises through Design Strategy” published in 2009 Paper Collection of Tsinghua International Design Management Symposium in April 2009, and “Brand Comes of Design” published in Paper Collection of International Seminar on Exploring Synergetic Design and Solution Complexity (Engineering Physics Research Association & Arts and Humanities Research Association) in U.K. in July 2005. Moreover, Qiu Song has edited and published over 10 books and textbooks, including Model Design Basics (excellent teaching material for high education in Beijing, Tsinghua University Press) and Two Dimensional Composition (teaching material for Self-taught Higher Education Examination, Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House), both of which have been published for several times and have received good feedback across the society.

Qiu Song plays a core role in the “Comprehensive Modeling Basics” subject research program which was awarded as/with “Excellent Course for High Education in Beijing”, “National Excellent Course”, “First Prize of High Education Teaching Achievements in Beijing” and “Second Prize of National Teaching Achievements” as well as honors such as “Excellent Teaching Team in Beijing” and “National Excellent Teaching Team”. He is also working on graduate research programs such as “Form Research in Wind Environment”, “Image Identification Research and Design for Hanwang Product Series”, “Skyworth Product Design and Brand Strategy Research”.

In scientific research, Qiu Song has not only taken charge of dozens of social practice programs, but has also actively joined and accomplished about 10 national major design programs, such as “Prize-awarding Stage Design”, “Torch Design” and “Environmental Facility Concept Design for Olympics Park” for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; guide system design for national high-speed railways; “Torch Design” and “Prize-awarding Product Series Design” for Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games.

In addition, Qiu Song’s personal design works have been displayed in various exhibitions and won prizes. For example, his work “Bird Island Series Design” was selected for the “Second Arts and Science Exhibition” and “Award Podium for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games” for the “Eleventh National Arts Exhibition”; “Award Podium for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games” won “2008 China Innovative Design Red Star Award” and “Outstanding Contribution Award” of Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games; design work “Day and Night Marks” won “2009 Red Dot Design Award”.  


Courses Taught

Modeling Basics, Form Research, Innovative Product Design, Graduation Design, Sketch Design, Design for Exhibition Space, 3D Expression of Design, 3D Composition, 2D Composition, Visual Communication Design, Comprehensive Modeling Research and Design Innovation course series.