Qu Xin

Qu Xin

Associate Professor, Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Supervisor


Research Fields

New Figurative Painting


Academic Standpoints

The ability to appreciate aesthetics take forms in individualized expression, quest for beautiful things, interest and extendability of works, and diversified expression approach. Art creations can reflect various elements such as thoughts, feelings, knowledge, capabilities and attitudes towards life. Works of artists with rich knowledge background are mature and meaningful, with strong visual impact and clear-cut features of the time. Fine arts should always aim to eulogize life and lead people to beautiful visual enjoyment.


Combination and application of multiple materials in art creation can enrich contents, diversify expression approach, accurately convey creation intention, ignite innovation and imagination, and make the creation process more active. In accomplishing such a creative task, faced with complex and changeable images, we need to find and extract the essences, arrange and select them in order, and continuously improve the images to meet the creation intention.


Academic Achievements


Super Realism Painting  1996  Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

Design Foundations (Sketching)  2007 Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House

Face Concrete Images  2007 Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House

Modeling Foundation Series (Landscape Sketching) 2009 Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House



1985 Fuji Fine Arts Award (Japan)

1992 Singapore Youth Oil Painting Exhibition (Singapore)

1993 Turkey Biennial Exhibition (Turkey)

1993 China Oil Painting Exhibition

1993 China-Japan Modern Painting Exhibition (National Art Museum of China)

1994 The 8th National Art Exhibition (Military Museum)

1994 Excellence Award on “Xin-zhulian Cup” China Painting and Oil Painting Exhibition (National Art Museum of China)

1995 The 3rd China Oil Painting Exhibition (National Art Museum of China)

1996 China-Egypt Modeling Art Exhibition (Cairo, Egypt)

1996 The 40th Anniversary Exhibition of Central Institute of Arts and Crafts (National Art Museum of China)

1999 “China Art Exhibition: Celebrating the Return of Macau to Motherland” organized by the Ministry of Culture (History Museum)

2000 Visited Algeria and Morocco for exhibitions with China Oil Painting Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Culture (Algiers and Rabat); work Show Window was selected for the big album of paintings “China Oil Paintings of 20th Century”

2001 Science and Art Exhibition of Tsinghua University (National Art Museum of China)

2001 Asian Biennial Exhibition (Kuwait)

2001 Research and Exceed - China Small Scale Oil Painting Exhibition (National Art Museum of China)

2002 Visited Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France

2002 Anniversary Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts in Tsinghua University

2003 The 1st National Gouache Exhibition

2003 International Sketching Art Exhibition

2004 Works Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts in Tsinghua University in Japan (Tokyo, Japan)

2004 Joined exhibition in Fontainebleau, France (France)

2006 Tsinghua Exhibition in Nanjing (Nanjing Chang Feng Museum)

2008 Seek · Peace – Qu Xin’s Painting Exhibition (3818 Gallery, 798 Art Zone)

2008 The 2nd China-Korea Art Exhibition (798 Art Zone)

2008 Painting Dream – Africa in Chinese Painters’ Works (Shenzhen)

2009 The 11th National Art Exhibition (Liaohe Art Museum)

2009 Free Infinite Works Exhibition of Six Artists (Art Museum, Academy of Fine Arts in Tsinghua University)

2009 Vision · Memory – Qu Xin’s Painting Exhibition (3818 Gallery, 798 Art Zone)

2010 Beijing · Hainan Contemporary Watercolor Painting Collection of Famous Artists (Hainan)

2010 Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition


Courses Taught

Coloration, Sketching, Quick Sketching, Multi-materials Creation, Social Practice and New Concrete Image Painting (an optional course for graduates)