Shen Wei

Shen Wei

Associate Professor, Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Supervisor


Academic Memberships

Visiting Professor of Hunan Arts And Crafts College

Visiting Professor of Huaihua University

Honorary Professor of China Calligraphy and Painting University


Research Fields

Research on Chinese realistic flower-and-bird paintings

Academic Standpoints

Inheritance is invaluable for art, and art also requires breakthrough and innovation. How to carry forward the best part in traditional art and culture has become a pressing topic for people in the field of contemporary art and culture. As a representative of the Eastern painting system, Chinese painting has great influence in the world’s painting art. Chinese realistic painting is an important part of Chinese painting, with unusually important function and value. Chinese realistic painters in modern times are responsible for adapting Chinese realistic paintings to the times and making it go global while basing themselves in China. We should combine theoretical and practical knowledge, inherit traditional skills, leverage Chinese and Western representation approach, adopt light and perspective of Western paintings, and perfectly integrate 3D perspective of Western paintings and 2D representation of traditional Chinese paintings, in order to instill new vitality and charm to the Chinese realistic painting.

Academic Achievements

Shen Wei’s works have been collected by many organizations both home and abroad such as National Government Offices Administration of the State Council, Guoyi Hotel, Sinosteel Group Corporation and Mercedes-Benz as well as individuals. His works are often shown in artwork auctions. Shen Wei has, for many times, held solo exhibitions of Chinese realistic flower-and-bird paintings in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong and other places.

Shen Wei’s books include Chinese Realistic Flower-and-bird Painting Skills (Shenzhen Haitian Publishing House), Peony Representation Skills (Popular Science Publishing House), Modern Paint Design Representation Skills (Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House), Chinese Realistic Bird Painting Skills (Military Science Publishing House), Paintings with Feelings of Native Place --- Shen Wei’s Chinese Realistic Flower-and-bird Paintings (Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House), Shen Wei’s Recent Chinese Realistic Paintings (Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House), Excellent Paintings of Teachers in National Art Colleges --- Shen Wei’s Excellent Sketching Collection (Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House) etc.

Shen Wei’s work Flower was selected for Chinese Artwork Exhibition and exhibited in Austria and many other countries; Winter was selected for the National Fine Arts Exhibition for the 50th Anniversary of “Speech on Yanan Literature Symposium” by Mao Zedong; Countryside was selected for the 8th National Artwork Exhibition; Tranquil Pond was selected for “Painting Exhibition of Famous Chinese Contemporary Flower-and-bird Painters” and awarded Excellent Work; Live to Old Age in Conjugal Bliss was selected for Oversea Chinese Painting Exhibition and awarded the top prize Maple Leaf; Flower and Bird was selected for “Art and Science Work Exhibition” and awarded International Jury Award; Pond Series was selected for “Tsinghua Crafts and Arts Cup” Painting Competition and awarded the top prize.


Courses Taught

Sketching, Figure Drawing, Figure Quick Sketching and Chinese Calligraphy and Painting courses