Zhang Baimeng

Zhang Baimeng:
Lecturer, Doctor of Arts

Research Fields:
Visual Communication Design

Academic Standpoints:
Visual communication design faces new challenges in the new century. It involves the question of helping people communicate as well as visual issues. The core of visual communication design is service. One may get unique and effective solutions after comprehensive analyses; this is design. Visual design should avoid the excessive use of decoration language and at the same time highlight communication in order to achieve better information communication. At present, it turns out that the usage of dynamic pictures in information communication helps people understand complicated and abstract concepts, and the effective combination of videos, pictures, audios and texts makes better communications available. As a result, I will pay more attention to dynamic picture design in the future, especially the application of it in education.
Academic Achievements
1. Zhang Bomeng, Zheng Shuyang: American Art/Comments on Basic Courses of Design Major (Decoration,February, 2008, pages 108-109)
2. Zhang Bomeng, Zheng Shuyang: On the Sociology Tendency of Design Education (Tsinghua Journal of Education, 2009 supplement, pages 119-122)
3. Zhang Bomeng: Basic 2D Composition (Beijing: Higher Education Press 2008)
4. Zhang Bomeng, Ning Ningning: New Color Composition (Wuhan: Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House, 2010)
5. The Environmental Ecology of Design Art: Sustainable Development Strategy Report of Chinese Design Art in 21 Century (National Art and Science “Tenth Five-year Plan” project supported by the National Social Science Fund. Grant No. 03DF092) Project principal: Zheng Shuyang. China Architecture & Building Press, 2008, pages 78-94
6. Tsinghua University “985 Project” philosophy and social science special topics (second phase): Study of Chinese Design Art Education Development Strategy, published by Tsinghua University Press in Beijing in 2010, pages 188-349
Design Practices (from 1999):
1. The illustration work City was displayed in the Ninth National Art Exhibition in December, 1999. 
2. The website design of the Illustration Design won the bronze prize in the International Computer Design Competition (2000) in October, 2000.
3. The installation work Spiral won the excellent prize in the First International Art and Science Exhibition in May 2001.
4. The animation work The Derivation of Geometry participated in the Second International Art and Science Exhibition in December, 2006.
5. Zhang Bomeng participated in the design work of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Virtual Museum in 2007 and 2008.
Courses Taught:
Shape study and visual language