Chen Anying

Chen Anying, Associate Professor

Doctor of Arts, doctor supervisor

Director, Department of Arts & History

Associate Editor of ZHUANGSHI, an academic journal of artistic design

Research Areas:

1.History and theory of modern Western art

2.Theory of contemporary art and design in the West


4.Studies of visual culture

Academic Interests:

Chen Anying, committed to the research of Western painting and history of modern Western fine arts, with comprehensive and in-depth analysis of painting theories, painting works and painters’ biographical background, tries to unfold the inherent logic and artistic genealogy of modern Western fine arts; Chen devotes himself to domestic art and design criticism through his systematic studies on Western theories of art/design criticism by selective reading and translation of academic literature in foreign languages; he has conducted academic researches and surveys on the classic literature of western aesthetics and contemporary cutting-edge topics in the field; he has also conducted systematic researches in various burgeoning interdisciplinary subjects and theories, such as studies of visual culture, in order to enliven domestic researches on art history and design history with new methods and new visions.

Academic Achievements:

1.Academic Publications: New Utopianism, Yang-Chih Book Co., Ltd., 2001

2.Translated Works: The Transfiguration of the Commonplace, by Arthur C. Danto, Jiang Su Renmin Press, 2010

3.Research Projects: “Conceptual and Aesthetic Foundations of Modern Western Fine Arts”, projects under the Revitalization Fund for Humanities and Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, December 2005 - October, 2008

4.Featured Academic Articles:

   Architectural Utopia in the Eye of Ernst Bloch, ZHUANGSHI, May 2009

   New Discussions on Festivals, ZHUANGSHI, February 2009

   Visual Cultural Study as the Criticism of Pan-design, Art Observation, December 2008

   Swiss Paintings: From the Late Middle Ages to 1900, Art Observation, June 2007

   A Survey of Postmodernist Designing Conceptions, Art Observation, August 2005

   Cézannian Puzzle, SHUANGSHI, September 2005

   Philosophical Nature of Design, ZHUANGSHI, February 2005

   Ernst Bloch’s Interpretation of Dream and Others, Zhejiang Academic Journal, No. 6, 2006

   A Study on Chinese Characters and Calligraphy: A Semiotic Perspective, Chinese Traditional Ink Painting Study, Vol. 4, July 2003

   Preservation of Human Oral Tradition and Intangible Heritage: What and How, ZHUANGSHI, March 2003

Undergraduate Programs: Modern Western Art Theory; Aesthetics
Graduate Programs: Visual Cultural Studies