Guo Qiuhui

Guo Qiuhui, Lecturer

Doctor of Arts


Guo Qiuhui is interested in the study of Chinese design history and modern Chinese art. She has published eight edited volumes, and over forty papers in academic journals, in addition to attendance at conferences.

Additionally, Guo has received funding from multiple national research programs to participate in and lead several research projects. She managed the National Social Science Fund for the Arts program “Research on Design Ideologies from the Late Qing Dynasty to the Republican Period (1840-1949).” Quo also participated in Tsinghua University Social Sciences and Humanities Revitalization Fund program, “Symbolism and Nationalization: Design in New China from 1949-66.” She received a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Chinese Science Foundation for “Fashion Saves the Nation: Research on Republican Era Clothing and Art, 1912-1949,” and participated in the Tsinghua University Overseas Collaborative Program (Hong Kong), “Research on Improvement and Innovation of Wu Bingliang’s Traditional Furniture.”

Guo’s currently teaches courses including, “Chinese Arts and Crafts History”; “Modern Chinese Design History”; and “Academic Writing; Chinese Art History.” She is currently a member of the Chinese Arts & Crafts Institute Committee on Theory.