Li Jingjie

Professor Li Jingjie
Doctor of Arts, PhD Supervisor
Research Interest:  
Ancient Chinese Art and Religious Art Studies
Academic Standpoint:

Professor Li conducts research over the subject of Chinese fine arts remains in the medieval period and late antiquity, with emphasis on Buddhist Art and arts associated with Chinese foreign cultural exchange and focus on field survey to obtain information. He applies the integrated method of archeology and art history study in research over the substantive issues. Based on micro analysis and macro observation, he attempts to build a system of Chinese Buddhist images and reveal the development venation and guiding ideology; to improve the spectrum system of Chinese Buddhist statue and clarify the development of Buddhist statue in different periods and regions; and to pivot around Buddhist art and explore new connotation for Chinese and foreign culture exchange in medieval art history.

Academic Achievements:

The academic achievements of the researcher are reflected in four aspects:

First, establishing a framework of Buddhist image study in Northern and Southern Dynasties and Sui Dynasty; the framework development of Buddhist image study in Tang and Song Dynasties and Ming Dynasty is still ongoing and over halfway completed;

Second, the researcher and the students have almost finished the construction of the lineage of Buddhist statue in Northern and Southern Dynasties and Tang and Song Dynasties;

Third, three sub-subjects of Wheel-Turning Sagely King, Buddha’s Footprint, Buddha Bowl beliefs and images have been completed to promote the research progress of Chinese and foreign cultural exchange in medieval period; 

Fourth, under guidance, students have made certain research achievements in Buddhist patterns.

Representative Papers:

1. Natural Born Image of Prince Mahāsattva and Prince Sudāna in North Dynasty of the Central Plain, MUSEUM, No. 580, 2002.

2. Two moldings of Buddha Dipamkara in bestowing a prediction of Buddhahood in North Dynasty. Collections of Research on Aesthetics and Art History No. 18, Nagoya University, 2000. Art and Science, Volume 5, Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2007.

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4. Evolution of Lotus Sutra Images in the Late North Dynasty, Study of the Arts 21, Taipei: Artist Press, 2004.

5. Interpretation of Three Dharma Realm Images of Losana from Northern Qi to Sui Dynasty, Buddhism Arts, No.251, Tokyo: the Mainichi Newspaper: 2000; Study of the Arts 21, Taipei: Chue Feng Buddhist Art & Culture Foundation, 2006.

6. On the Image Composition of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in the Northern Dynasties to the Sui Dynasty, Art and Science, Volume 3, Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2006.

7. Image Analysis of Tang Dynasty Relief in Xiuding Pagoda of Anyang County, Journal of the Forbidden City, Series 5, Beijing: Zijincheng Publishing House, 2009.

8. Image Analysis of The Ritual Site of Liu Benzun in Dazu and Anyue Grottoes of Song Dynasty, The Art Museum of Dazu Rock Carvings, Chongqing (ed.) Paper Collection of The International Conference on Da Zu Grottoes, Beijing: Cultural Relics Press, 2007.

9. Study on White Stone Statue of Buddha in Dingzhou, Palace Museum Journal, 1999 (3).

10. The Overall Observation of Buddhist Pedigree and Style in Southern and Northern Dynasties and the Sui Dynasty, Art and Science, Volume 9, Beijing: Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University Press, 2009.

Academic Teaching:

Introduction to Chinese Archaeology; Research on Buddhist Art; Literature Reading of Cultural History in Han, Tang, Song, and Yuan Dynasties