Li Yanzu

Professor Li Yanzu  
Doctor of Arts, PhD Supervisor
Editor-in-chief of Art & Science series
Research Interest:
1.History and Theory of Design Art
2.History and Theory of Chinese Fine Arts
3.History and Theory of Arts and Crafts
Academic Standpoint:

Professor Li is mainly engaged in the research and teaching of design art theory, history of arts and crafts. His field of study further extends to history of Chinese fine arts, and especially the research on painting theory. The former belongs to the research field of applied art while the latter to the research on pure art. And pure art evolves from the applied art, and therefore, the study on practical art is the foundation. Applied art research, due to its wide-range coverage, has many ties, cross, reflection and all-aspect thinking with the research on humanities and social sciences, which is beneficial to in-depth research. In grasping the basic characteristics and theory of applied art, an in-depth study is carried out around the object-combined ideological history of ancient Chinese design and crafts and arts, which is not only the inevitable need of Chinese applied art research, but is also beneficial to the world applied art research. In this aspect, Chinese scholars have responsibility and research conditions. The research itself has large room for further study, which means more research is needed to fulfill the void.

Academic Achievements:


1. Introduction to Art Design, Changjiang Publishing Group, Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House, 2009;

2. Dimensions of Design, Chongqing University Press, 2007;

3. Selective Reading of Foreign Classics on Design Art (Part One and Part Two), the National 11thFive-Year Plan Textbook, Tsinghua University Press, 2006;

4. Introduction to Arts and Crafts, China Light Industry Press, “95” National Key Materials, 2002 National Excellent College Teaching Material (second prize);

5. Creating Exquisite, China Development Press, 2001;

6. Beauty of Nature—History and Culture of Product Design, China Renmin University Press, 2000; the 2002 National Excellent College Materials (First Prize);

7. Editor-in-chief of Human Design Art Series, 9 editions, Chongqing University Press, 2007-2009;

8. Editor-in-chief of National College Teaching Material Series of Design Art, National 11th Five-Year Plan teaching material, 6 editions

9. Editor-in-chief of “Arts and Science” series, 11 volumes; 

10. Published over one hundred papers in the journals of Literature and Art Studies, Decoration, Fine Arts & Design, Art of Design, New Arts, etc.


1. In 2003, National Famous Teacher Award, Famous Teacher Award in Beijing, Excellent Individual Faculty Award of Tsinghua University; in 2002, National Excellent College Teaching Material, First Prize and Second Prize; in 1995, First Award for National College Excellent Research Result in Humanities and Social Sciences (second prize); in 1993, Excellent College Teaching Achievement in Beijing (first prize), the title of “Excellent Young Teacher in College” of Beijing.

2. Title of “Expert Enjoying Special Government Allowance from the State Council”

Academic Teaching:

Undergraduate Public Basic Course: Art Design in General

Specialized Courses: Selective Reading of Chinese and Foreign Design Theory; and Design Criticism, etc.

Postgraduate Public Courses: Design Art, Academic Thesis and Academic Thesis Writing, Lectures on Academic Elements, etc. 

Freshman Seminar: Chinese Pottery and Porcelain Art, etc.