Qiu Caizhen

Qiu Caizhen, Associate Professor
Doctor of Arts
Member of China Calligraphers Association, Standing Director of International China Calligraphist Association
Research Areas:
1.History of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting
2.Studies on Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Appraisal
Academic Interests:

1.History of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

(1)History of Concepts and Ideas in Early History of Chinese Calligraphy

Research Subject: history of Chinese calligraphy development, history of origination and evolution of various concepts and ideas in Chinese calligraphy

Purpose: to contribute to the studies over calligraphy history and to promote international exchanges and communication in calligraphy

Method: systematic studies on the concepts, knowledge and ideas of early history of calligraphy, with reference to related research methods of other disciplines within the humanities, in addition to traditional studies on history of calligraphic stylistics

Academic Standpoint: Many concepts and ideas in the history of calligraphy are closely related with the ideas and behaviors of painting/calligraphy connoisseurs of later periods. A systematic study on their ideas is essential for having an in-depth understanding of calligraphy history.

(2)Changes in trends of painting history in south of Yangtze River from 17th to 18th century

Research Subject: history of Chinese scroll painting, with focus on changes in trends of regional painting history of the late periods.

Purpose: to advance studies on provincial painting schools and to draw from them lessons conducive to the development of contemporary painting

Method: applying one of the most common research methods of historical studies, i.e. the regional history research, combined with traditional interpretation methods of iconography, to establish new paradigmatic model for regional painting research

Academic Ideas: Traditional studies and research on regional painting, due to various reasons, tend to be ambiguous in conclusion and simplistic in methods. It is of great necessity and urgency to establish a systematic research with clearly defined methods and specifically oriented purposes.


2.Appraisal Method of Ancient Chinese Calligraphy/Painting and Its Modern Transformation

Research Subject: vicissitudes in the history of calligraphy and painting collection and appraisal, specific appraisal activities of ancient connoisseurs, flow of collection items, evolvement of appraisal methods and appraisal thoughts, and its relationship with the development of calligraphy and painting history

Purpose: The study bears profound significance for a systematic understanding of calligraphy and painting collection history and for studies on the appraisal of ancient calligraphy and painting works in contemporary art market.

Method: traditional philological methods, etc.

Academic Ideas: the study of calligraphy and painting appraisal is the crucial foundation of the research on calligraphy and painting history, the theoretical postulate of which has always been the authenticity of artistic works. For a scientific approach to the appraisal study, the research on the activities and tastes of connoisseurs has to be conducted concurrently with studies on the artistic features inherent in the calligraphic and painting works, as well as other related factors.

Academic Works:


Theoretical Prize of the “Lanting” Award of Chinese Calligraphy (the highest award within the field of Chinese calligraphy, organized by China Calligraphers Association)

First Prize of Academic Discourse of the Eighth National Symposium of Calligraphic Studies (the highest award for the historical studies of Chinese calligraphy, organized by China Calligraphers Association)

2.Academic Publications:

Calligraphy Appraisal, Textbook for Public Art Courses Series for Regular Institutions of Higher Education, Higher Education Press, 2004

Calligraphy Appraisal (Second Edition), rated as Textbook of Higher Education for the Eleventh Five Year Plan

Calligraphy in Ming Dynasty, Cultural Relics Press, 2006

Collected Calligraphic Works of Qiu Caizhen, China Art Press, 2008

Historiography of Chinese Calligraphy History (in progress), Textbook of Higher Education for the Eleventh Five Year Plan, Tsinghua University Press

3.Research Projects:

Director of “Research on Scriptural Calligraphy of Sui and Tang Dynasty in Dun Huang”, Projects of Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education

Member of the “Research on the Appraisal Methods of Ancient Chinese Calligraphy and Painting”, project of the National Tenth Five Year Plan for Arts and Science

4.Articles: Published fifteen academic articles in CSSCI journals

5.Exhibitions: Calligraphic works have been displayed at various exhibitions organized by China Calligraphers Association

6.Projects of International Cooperation:

From 2006 to 2008, Qiu Caizhen, at the invitation of the British Museum, acted as director of the “Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings Project”. He was responsible for the comprehensive appraisal, cataloguing, and archiving of the calligraphic and painting works collected in the Museum. This was the first time that the British Museum had implemented such a comprehensive archive work for the Chinese calligraphic and painting collection.


Common Ground Courses: History of Chinese Calligraphy, History of Chinese Painting, and History of Chinese Fine Arts

Graduate Level Courses: Calligraphy and the Art of Seal-cutting