Shang Gang

Professor Shang Gang   
Doctor of Arts, PhD Supervisor
Academic Interest:
History of Chinese Arts and Crafts
Academic Standpoint:

Academic research focuses on dynastic history of Chinese arts and crafts, from Northern and Southern Dynasties to Yuan Dynasty. Professor Shang has many academic achievements especially in Yuan Dynasty and Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties. He claims that in order to restore the Chinese history of arts and crafts which as close as possible to the reality, historical materials and documents should be as comprehensive as possible to complement, explain and elucidate each other. We should strive to find the right answer while respecting truth, and make evidence-based induction with rich academic connotation of the development of Chinese arts and crafts.  

Academic Achievements:

Professor Shang has chaired scientific research projects of “Study on Arts and Crafts in Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties” (project of Ministry of Education), “Study on Arts and Crafts in Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties” (National Project on Art Study), “Qing History, Catalogue, Literature & Art” (Project of the National Compiling Committee of Qing History), currently serving in two projects as major member, including “Research on the Development of Modern Chinese Crafts” which is the national key project in art science.

The research and teaching achievements have received 5 government awards from Beijing Municipal Government, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture. The course of History of Chinese Arts and Crafts has been accredited as National Excellent Course. Professor Shang has been accredited as Baosteel Excellent Teacher and Beijing Famous Teacher.

About 40 academic papers have been published, including 10 papers, over 10 books among which 7 are monographs.

Academic Teaching:
History of Chinese Arts and Crafts, History of Arts and Crafts in Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, History of Arts and Crafts in Yuan Dynasty, Research on Historical Materials of Chinese Arts and Crafts