Zou Wen

Professor Zou Wen  

Doctor of Arts, PhD Supervisor

Secretary-General, executor and organizer of 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs Contest and International Art Exposition; Secretary-General and planner of the organizing committee of the Commemorative Sculpture Celebrating Peace and Friendship between China and the United States; judge of landscape planning program of Shanghai World Expo Bureau and Shanghai Urban Planning Bureau; deputy director of Zhang Ding Art Research Center of Tsinghua University

Research Interest:
1.Public Art in General
2.Art Transmission
3.Original Arts and Folk Arts
Academic Standpoint:

Professor Zou focuses on research of the publicity phenomena in Chinese and foreign art history and the artsy laws of cultural transmission. He has furthered study over definition, content, nature, method, means and functions, combined the examination and analysis of the Chinese and foreign primitive art or the original art and folk arts, and attempted to reveal the value and significance of aesthetics and artistics as productivity. He advocates the global trend of increasingly sophisticated civil society in the era of democratization; has a deep understanding of public property of culture and the artistic effect of its spread. Emphasis is put on shortening the distance between artistic communication and art acceptance by popularizing aesthetics, which can actively promote the cross-cultural communication of arts and the social sharing of benefits.

Academic Achievements:
Member of “100 Artistic Talents Project”, Honor Award for Beijing Olympic Cultural Work; “4 in 1 group Talent of Beijing”; Zhang Guangyu Award; Literary Criticism of Beijing (second Prize); Award for College Educational Teaching Achievement of Beijing (second prize)
Academic Teaching:
Public Art in General, Art Transmission