Chen Hui (Sculpture)

Chen Hui

Doctor, Tenured professor, doctoral advisor, Assistant Director of the Department of Sculpture


Academic Part-time Position:

Member of Chinese Artists Association

Member of China Sculpture Institute

Member of China Arts and Crafts Association

Associate Editor of Institute Sculpture

Research Orientation:

Research on spatial structure of sculpture and research on abstract sculptural art

Academic Opinion:

The orientation of both research on the spatial structure of sculpture and research on the abstract sculptural art is to pursue the other possibilities in form and space except figurative expression, which is mainly constituted by blending various spatial combinations of object image with all kinds of materials, by means of conducting simplification to various kinds of natural forms, apply the material and select processing technology to practice, to grasp the interactional relation between form and material. What is more, the fields beyond modeling like optics, mechanics, materiality and psychology, etc. should all be involved in to probe into the sculpture form and space and their relation with the surrounding environment and human beings, etc.

Academic Achievement:

The Main Exhibitions

In 2008: The 3rd National Art Exhibition for the Youth (National Art Museum of China, Beijing)

The 3rd Beijing International Art Biennale (National Art Museum of China, Beijing)

In 2007: 2007 Shanghai International Annual Sculpture Exhibition Welcoming the World Exposition (Shanghai, China)

2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design Exhibition Tour (The top ten cities in China)

In 2006: The Second International Art and Science Works Exhibition (Tsinghua University, Beijing)

Sculpture creating and art exchange carried out in Sweden International Woodcarving Art Camp (Sweden)

In 2005: Held theSculpture Work Exhibition—Nevsky Footprint in Russian St. Petersburg Artists Association (Russia)

In 2004: The 3rd Sculpture Invitation Exhibition of Cities Nationwide (Beijing)

Road Sculpture Invitation Exhibition of Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea)

The 3rd China Carving Art Competition (Hui’an, Fujian Province)


In 2009:

Beijing Flower Exposition—Soul of Blossom won the Year Award of 2009 National Excellent Urban Sculpture Construction Project by the Steering Committee of National Urban Sculpture Construction, Ministry of Construction

In 2006:

Cheering won the First Prize from Talking to Tradition National Sculpture Invitation Exhibition

National Unity, etc. won the Award of Excellence and Award for Masterpiece in Beijing Olympic Green Sculpture Design Contest

In 2005:

The Falling Valley won the Gold Award in Dialoguing-communicating-Beijing and World Subject Sculpture Invitational Exhibition

Papers and Works

Completed works: Sculpture and Environmental Sculpture

Papers: The Characteristics of Sculpture in Modern City Space, Talking about Teaching of Sculpture Foundation from Repin Academy, Thinking of Spatial Composition Course

Teaching Practices:

Abstract Sculpture; Sketching; Clay-sculpture Head; Spatial Composition; Environmental Sculpture; Experimental Sculpture