Dong Shubing

Dong Shubing

Master, Professor, Director of Department of Sculpture, and Master Supervisor


Academic Part-time Position:

Member of China Sculpture Institute, Member of China Arts and Crafts Association


Research Direction:

Research on ancient Chinese sculpture modeling and research on environmental sculpture


Academic Proposition:

In the urban environment, buildings, roads, greenbelts, streetlights and benches, etc. that we can see all play various kinds of roles in the specific environment, but the dominant character of the urban environmental activity is man. This has established the guiding ideology for environmental sculpture design. These sculptures have played an important part in beautifying the living environment, enriching the cultural life and relieving the nerves from urban life, and they cannot be replaced by other facilities.

Compared with other facilities, the arrangement of sculpture in urban environment can make people feel their own existence from the aspect of feeling and emotion. Expressing people’s behaviors, the creations and designs of environmental sculpture works are of vital importance and play corresponding roles in environment.

The research on one type of art must have the concurrent analysis and thinking on the time and spatiality of the process of the art’s evolution and development. With respect to the research on the modeling of traditional Chinese sculptural art, we should not only make analysis to its development, function, attribute, style and type, etc., but also have an understanding and exploration, from micro to macro level, of aesthetic concepts, philosophical ideas, religion and sociology of China and the West behind the diversified forms of sculptural products. In particular, we should have an in-depth and systematic analysis and research from the aspect of modeling, because the issue of sculptural art modeling is exactly how the said content and thought above are expressed.


Academic Achievement:

The Main Exhibitions

In Sept. 2003: The 1st China Beijing International Art Biennale Model Sculpture Exhibition

In Jun. 2004: Style of Times Beijing Art Exhibition for the 55th Anniversary of the National Day

In Jun. 2004: Art, Making Cities Better 2004 Guangzhou Urban Sculpture Invitation Exhibition

In Jul. 2004: 2004 China · Belgium Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition

In Sept. 2004: The 3rd Citywide Sculpture Exhibition

In Sept. 2004: The 10th National Art Exhibition

In Sept. 2005: The 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale

In Sept. 2006: Japan Asian Oita International Sculpture Exhibition

In Apr. 2007: Harmony without Uniformity the Invitation Exhibition for National Sculptors

In Aug. 2007: The 1st Joint Exhibition for National Professional Sculptors

In Aug. 2008: The 3rd Beijing International Art Biennale

In Sept. 2008: National Art Exhibition for the Youth

In Apr. 2009: China Power—2009 China International Sculpture Yearbook Exhibition

In Aug. 2009: The 11th National Art Exhibition

In May 2010: The Classic Annual Sculpture Exhibition of Sculpture Magazines



In 2001: Master Plan of Sculpture for Xidan Business Street of Beijing, winning the 2nd Prize

In 2002: Decorative Sculpture Design, winning the 2nd Prize under Excellent Textbook of Tsinghua University

In Sept. 2004: The Excellent Design Award in the 3rd Citywide Sculpture Exhibition

In Sept. 2006: Award of Excellence in Japan Asian Oita International Sculpture Exhibition

In 2006: National Unity, etc. winning Award of Excellence and Award for Masterpiece in the Sculpture Design Contest for Beijing Olympic Green 

In 2008: The bronze The Same Song, winning the Gold Award in the Sculpture Invitation Exhibition under Dialoguing · Communicating

In May 2009: Award of Excellence in Teaching for Young Teachers of Tsinghua University in 2008


Papers and Works:

Monograph The Frozen Time and Space (160,000 words), China Textile & Apparel Press, in 2000.

Compiled Decorative Sculpture Design, Heilongjiang Fine Arts Publishing House, in 1996, the third chapter Design of Triple Space, winning the 2nd Prize under Excellent Textbook of Tsinghua University in 2002

Paper Essential Elements of Modern Urban Sculpture, published in Decoration, Vol.6, in 2003

Paper Function of Color in Sculpture, published in Sculpture, Vol.2, in 2003

Paper Research on Modeling of Maijishan’s Sculptures in the Northern Dynasties, published in Inheritance and Innovation of Dunhuang Frescoes Art—Collected Papers of International Academic Seminar, edited by Dunhuang Academy China, P427

Paper Research on Modeling of Maijishan’s Sculptures in the Northern Dynasties, published in Sculpture, Vol. 3, in 2010


Teaching Practices:

Sketch; Clay-sculpture Head and Environmental Sculpture