Li Xiangqun

Li Xiangqun, master, professor, master supervisor


Concurrent Academic Posts:

Member of Academic Committee of Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University; Consultant of Tsinghua University Shenzhen Branch (From 2006 till now); Professor of Shanghai Xu Beihong Academy of Arts; Representative of Beijing NPC; Information Liaison of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee; Industry Atmosphere Supervisor of Beijing General Bureau of Radio, Film and Television; Member of Chinese National Artists’ Association; Executive Director of Chinese Sculptor Institute; Member of Britain Royal Sculptor Association; Member of Arts Council, 798Arts District(From 2005 till now); Director of Arts Council, Beijing Olympic Museum; Artistic Director of 0 Workshop Arts Center.


Research Interest:

Figural Sculptor Research and Sculptor Basic Teaching Research


Academic Propositions:

Solid Foundation and Abundant Experiments

1.To propose the probability of the expansion of figural sculptor

Focusing on the current moment, we should show the sense of responsibility of contemporary artists. From school to society (investigation), and then from society back to school (text conversion), these two bidirectional processes aim to make society understand the school education and also make school be aware of social development.

2.To propose the concept of figural sculptor and to extend the figural sculptor creation from vertically to horizontally. The point of students’ basic skill training is to emphasize the cultivation of students’ basic art diathesis. To be able to recognize patterns profoundly is helpful to cooperate and coordinate brain, hands and heart. These show some aspects of school inheritance. The view of using new materials and new thoughts in creation brings a new cognition in domestic sculpture circle. The incomprehensibility of experiment gives it boundless tracility.

3.To design a training mode for sketch practice in basic teaching, integrating both progressiveness and engrossment.

4.The figural sculptor course in Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University helps students to get out of the obstacle in figural sculptor creativity, and builds a bridge between basic skill trainings and creative experiments, so as to fully show the school art inheritance, solid foundation and abundant experiments.


Academic Achievements:

In the over 30 years of teaching of undergraduate and graduate figural sculptor courses and sculptor basic teaching courses in Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, abundant art talents have been cultivated and a lot of domestic and abroad nation-level prizes have been obtained.

As an artist, I never forget my social responsibility. In 2003, famous Beijing city landmark—798 Cultural Creative Industry Area faced the fate of demolishment. To save it, I appealed in public and submitted a motion named Protect a Developing Culture and Arts Area, Protect an Old Industrial Construction Inheritance. These activities make a great contribution to the maintenance and rapid development of 798 Cultural Creative Industry Area.

1.Teaching Academic Success (Held by Li Xiangqun)

All kinds of academic exhibitions in 0 workshop provides a good platform to display students’ works. During the exhibition period, some of the students’ works were collected by Chinese Art Gallery, Shenzhen He Xiangning Art Gallery, Zhejiang Art Gallery, Erdos Oriental Art Gallery, and a lot of collectors at home and abroad.

a. In 2008 – Active & Rest, Tsinghua University and Korean Hongyi University Exchange Exhibition

b. In 2008 – Gather, Sui Jianguo, Li Xiangqun, Huo Boyang Nomination Exhibition

c. In 2008 – Break Out, Tsinghua Arts School Xin Rui Arts Exhibition

d. In 2009 – 09-Go, Tsinghua Arts School Decoration Design Department & Sculpture Department

e. In Autumn of 2009 – Not in Reality, 2009 Young Sculptors Guest Exhibition

f. In 2010 – Imaginator

g. In 2010 – 2010 Fei, Tsinghua Arts School Visual Communication Design Department & Sculpture Department


2.Personal Academic Achievements

1.In 2009 I was committed by National Museum to create and produce China in Hardship; In 2009 I was committed by Chinese Eighth Route Army memorial hall of Shanxi Province to create and produce Taihang Mountains group sculptures; In 2009 I was committed by Tianjin Olympic Park to create and produce Coubertin, Samaranch, Roger; In 2009 I was committed by Chongqing Government to create and produce Zhang Zizhong bronze statue; In 2009 I was committed by Harbin Engineering University to create and produce Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Peng Dehuai, Zhu De, Chen Geng bronze statue; In 2009, 30th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping visiting Mt. Huang, I was committed by Anhui Province Mt. Huang Landscaped Area Management Committee Political Division to create and produce Deng Xiaoping in Mt. Huang bronze statue; I joined On the Road Are We Marching, a project held by Chinese Artists Association in order to report Art 60 years of New China to motherland; I created Confucius statue and was interviewed by Phoenix TV; In 2008 I joined the general plan and design of Beijing Metro Line 5 and created large anaglyph War; In 2008, I was committed by Xiamen Chen Jiageng Memorial Hall to create and produce Chen Jiageng bronze statue; In 2006 I was committed by Hebei Provincial Publicity Office to create and produce Deng Xiaoping in Taihang bronze statue; In 2006, I was committed by Lian Yungang Municipal Committee to create and produce Deng Xiaoping and People are Together bronze statue; In 2006 I was committed by Harbin Engineering University to create and produce Orekhov bronze; In 2006 I was committed by Hebei Province Xinhe county committee to create and produce Dong Zhentang General bronze statue; In 2006 I was committed by Harbin Engineering University to create and produce Chen Geng bronze statue; I joined Red Star Over China, an art creative project based on China’s important historical events, held by Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Culture and Chinese Artists Association; In Deng Xiaoping’s 100th birthday, I created Deng Xiaoping bronze statue for Deng Xiaoping Square in Guang’an City, Sichuan Province, which was opened by President Hu Jintao at 13th August, 2004.

2.Li Xiangqun Works published by Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House in May 2010, ISBN 978-7-5314-4294-3

3.Patent to be notified and performance

With Five-axis CNC digital technology, I completed 50 national crafts gifts for The Bird Nest. In 2008 Beijing Olympic period, I got International VIP given by national leaders.


Awards (From 1999):

In 1993, Permanent Operation gained special award in the 3rd National Sports Arts Exhibition; in 1994, Spring Smile gained merit award in the 2nd National City Sculpture Works Exhibition and 8th National Arts Exhibition; in 1997, Relay Runner gained first prize in 4th National Sports Arts Exhibition. These two Olympic thematic works were collected in International Olympic Committee Museum by Samaranch, the previous President of International Olympic Committee. In 2006, with Beauty of Mountain displayed in Britain Exhibition, I gained Newcomer’s Award in Britain Portrait sculpture Year Show. In 1998 and 2005, Ba Jin was collected by Archives of Modern Chinese Literature and National Fine Arts Museum. In 2001, Guo Moruo was collected in China Millennium Monument. In 2007, Red Star Over China project was included in National Important Historical Themes. In 2008, I gained Advanced Individual Awards in Beijing Municipal Committee United Front Work Department. In 2009, On the Road Are We Marching joined the France Exhibition named World Travel of Chinese Arts. In 2009, I gained Ten Elite in Beijing Chaoyang Culture Creative Industry. In 2009, Xu Beihong gained merit award in Yixing China City Sculpture Competition. In 2009, Permanent Operation gained China City Sculpture Construction Achievement Award.


Academic Teaching:

Undergraduate Courses: Clay Bust, Figural Sculpture, and Body Sculpture

Postgraduate Course: Body Sculpture