Li He

Li He

Master, Associate Professor

Deputy Director, Department of Sculpture


Research Direction:

Research on creations of contemporary sculptural art, research on the teaching of sculptural art foundation


Academic Proposition:

Research content:

He proposes that we should base ourselves on research over the status quo and development of contemporary sculptural art, stay compatible with internationally accepted practices, combine our research with research on basic teaching and research of contemporary sculptural art, and carry out experimental exploration at the frontier through basic research and practice in sculptural art and with the combination of teaching and practice.

Significance of research:

The research over the status quo of contemporary sculptural art of the world is applied to discuss and reform the basic teaching of modern sculptural art to fit with the development of contemporary sculptural art. In the practice of basic teaching, we should make up for the deficiency and shortage of contemporary sculptural art teaching, and conduct an analysis on the tendency and changes of the development of contemporary domestic and foreign sculptural arts, adjust the teaching methods reasonably and analyze rationally in order to overcome the deficiency and shortage in teaching.

Research approach:

Experimental teaching and creation with emphasis laid on the development of discipline frontiers and the self-summarization.

Academic opinion:

Pay equal attention to theory and practice, broaden the caliber and thicken the foundations, make teaching and practice go together.

Be based on tradition and nation to create and possess international outlook and modern creative language.


Academic Achievement:

1. Research on academic theory

Pay attention to the self-summarization and research on sculpture teaching as well as the construction of academic theory. In 2008, he published Collected Works of the Natural Li He in which over 140 pieces of his major works on sculpture and painting for those past 10 years were collected. And duet to his hobby of collecting domestic and foreign precious albums at ordinary times which had lasted for 3 years, by the end of 2009, he completed Deep Appreciation—Famous Sculptures of the World, during which, he analyzed 40 well-known sculptors of different times and different styles worldwide from a professional view, and from sculpture history, artistic style and school, different social backgrounds, the sculptor’s theories of creation and artistic concept, etc. fairly professional and detailed analysis and statement have been carried out. Besides, he has put forth effort to the conclusion and management of the practical teaching and has already finished Handouts of Body Sculpture of more than 40, 000 words and Handouts of Sketch of nearly 10, 000 words.

2. Key task:

He was authorized to create the sculpture Back to Back for Qingdao Sports Center in 2010, took part in and undertook the design, enlarged and supervised work for sculptures of the floats in the 60th anniversary of the National Day such as Entrepreneurship, Bloody Battles and Unity is Strength in 2009, and in the same year, his works Mountain Stream was donated to charity auction by the Love Torch Plan under China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.

3. Exhibitions he participated in and awards granted

While constructing teaching and academic theory, he pays much attention to academic creation. As for the content of creations, he attaches importance to the current society, and lays emphasis on innovation of expression and the trial and application of new materials. Over the years, he has held solo exhibitions for 4 times, respectively as Natural Li He Works Exhibition held at YANG GALLARY, Singapore in 2009, Natural Li He Works Exhibition held at Beijing 798 Art Zone in 2008, Li He Sketch Exhibition in 2003 and Body Sculpture and Sketch Li He’s Solo Exhibition in 2001. He was selected to participate in the following exhibitions: Touch · Feel— Exhibition from Louvre to China Millennium Monument and Joint Exhibition for Hundreds of Sculpturing Schools in 2009, China Power—2009 China International Sculpture Yearbook Exhibition, 2009 Contemporary International Metal Art Exhibition and Academic Seminar, and in 2008, the 3rd National Art Exhibition for the Youth, Zero Gravity Contemporary Art Exhibition for Two Cities and Sino-Korea Sculpture Exchange Exhibition, and in 2007, the 3rd Annual Sculpture Exhibition of Northern China and Hong Kong Art Exposition. Over 20 pieces of his individual works have been collected by governments, domestic and foreign art galleries, art institutions and individuals. He has actively taken part in international academic forums and international sculpture exhibitions and exchanges and has been granted nearly 10 awards including first prize of  provincial and ministerial level and above, during which the works China Beijing Olympic Green Urban Sculpture Design Plan won one Award of Excellence and two Awards of Masterpiece.


Teaching Practices:

Sketch Human Body (1); Sculpture (1); Clay-sculpture Body (1); Three-Dimensional Clay-sculpture Body; Isometric Three-dimensional Clay-sculpture Body; Anaglyph Body and Metal Sculpture