Wei Xiaoming

Wei Xiaoming, master, professor, master supervisor


Concurrent Academic Posts:

Vice President of Beijing Artists Association


Research Interest:

Figural Sculpture Art Creation


Academic Propositions:

Art creation comes from artists’ life experience. It is important to pay attention to life and to perceive life. Art creation is not only the reproduction of life but also the expression of artists' emotion and imagination. Steady modeling skills, a great store of material application knowledge and extensive cultivation are helpful for artists' to create Perfect and Permanent works.


Academic Achievements:

Thesis, Treatise, Works and Scientific Achievements:

1. Thesis:

The Development of Living Environment of Chinese People and Its Influence for Public Environment Art after China's Reform and Opening-up

In 1997, he participated in Creative Experience of Children's Books Illustrations -- Speech in 98' International Cultural Forum held by UNESCO

2. Works and Scientific Research Achievements:

1983-1985 Comic strip Black Steed and A Woman's Fortitude gained bronze prize in 6th National Art Exhibition, and gained silver prize of 3rd National Comic Strip Exhibition and golden circle award in Newspaper Comic

In 1986, A Woman's Fortitude gained third prize by Ministry of Culture and Chinese Artists Association, and gained Art Award in Art Works Competition for celebrating the 35th anniversary of founding of the People's Republic of China.

In 1988, gained Outstanding Art Contribution Award by head of Ministry of Culture Research of Austria

In 1995, he created illustrations for Anderson Fairy Tales printed by China Children's Publishing and gained silver prize in 4th National Bookbinding Exhibition and creative award in Zhang Guangyu Art Fund; he was committed to create bronze status Kua Fu Races with the Sun (7m high) in Shanghai by AT&T company; he was invited to give a speech and to participate International Sculpture Creative Seminar in Stockholm by Ministry of Culture of Sweden; he gained 95 Creative and Achievement Youth Award by France Hennessy

In 2002, he held 2002 Beijing, China - International City Sculpture Exhibition as planner and artistic director of the organizing committee; Air and Water gained merit award in 2002 Beijing China International City Sculpture Exhibition by Ministry of Culture and Beijing Government

In Sep. 2002, he held 2003 Beijing International Art Biennale as one of the planners and judges

In 2004, Olympic Atmosphere gained Asia and Pacific merit award by Chinese Olympic Committee, and was displayed in 10th National Art Exhibition

In 2004, planner of International Architecture Biennale and 2005-China - Denmark Cultural Exchange Art Exhibition

In Nov. 2004, Olympic Atmosphere gained Literature and Art Award in Beijing 55th Anniversary of Foundation of the People's Republic of China.

In 2008, planner of Beijing International Art Biennale; Olympic Atmosphere and Mien were separately displayed in National Theatre and National Olympic Central Area.

In 2009, as the legal representative of Tsinghua University, he held New Chinese Science and Technology Museum large-scale environmental art projects; art director of International Sculpture Symposium in Asian Art Sculpture Park in 11th Asian Art Festival by Erdos Government and of International Sculpture Symposium by Urumqi Government

Puzzle Fish participated in China Power -- China International Sculpture Year Exhibition, and in China Millennium Monument Touch -- from Louvre to Millennium Monument Sculpture Exhibition, and in 11th National Art Exhibition


Academic Teaching:

Sculpture Creation, Sculpture Cast