Wei Erqiang


Wei Erqiang

Master and Associate Professor


Academic Part-time Position:

Member of Special Woodcarving Committee of China Arts and Crafts Association, Member of the Special Committee of Chinese Sculpture and Member of China Sculpture Institute


Research Orientation:

Figurative sculpture and human anatomy for art


Academic Proposition:

Contemporary Chinese art is in the period during which traditional realism develops abreast and blends with many different modes such as non-objectivism and conceptualism, and the traditional realism has developed into a type of technique from concretely expressing the real and broken away from the reality to be a kind of tool.

With the research on symbol characteristics and formal language of modeling, we should cultivate the expression method of modeling and establish a perfect ability to observe, understand and process and make aesthetic judgment. Such kind of figurative from the aspect of thought has broken constraints and opened the new gate to concept. The figurative, representing those that can be the organically active ingredients of contemporary art, promotes the formation of the creation style with temporal spirit, individuality and national character and improves the uniformity of sensibility and rationality in academic research. 

In the figurative sculpture practice, we should observe, understand and express the reality from the aspects of abstract and symbol, which makes the expression of modeling break away from the superficial link between the concrete and individual object and the modeling language becomes a conceptual tool, to further realize combination with aesthetic judgment and many other concepts.

Human anatomy for art is a critically key knowledge base for figurative sculpture as well as the basis to help understand and process human phenomenon. As an important method studying the structure of human body, it is required to make a concrete modeling and combine with the reality as possible as we can. Meanwhile, its locality and flatness shall be avoided and its service character to the research of structure shall be emphasized.


Academic Achievement:

2001: Participated in Beijing City Science and Art Exhibition, with works The Quiet Impression winning Award of Excellent Works

2004: Created the Theme Anaglyph of Deng Xiaoping Memorial Hall

Created the Sculpture of Yang Liwei Monument in Hohhot

2006: Took part in the International Wood Sculpture Symposium of Osar, Sweden

Youth won the First Prize in Talking to Tradition National Sculpture Invitation Exhibition

Created Portrait of Lu Xun Chinese Writers Association

2007: Dialoguing between Sculpture and City 2007 Shanghai International Annual Sculpture Exhibition Welcoming the World Exposition

Monograph Human Anatomy for Art, published by China Friendship Publishing Company

2008: Auspicious Clouds and Favonian Rain won the Award for Masterpiece in China Beijing Olympic Green Urban Sculpture Design Plan Collection Activity Dream of Sculpture

Rise Rapidly in Unity and Harmony won the Award for Masterpiece in the Theme Memorial Sculpture of China Beijing Olympic Green Urban Sculpture Design Plan Collection Activity National Unity, Harmonious Society

Top Speed won the Award of Excellence in China Beijing Olympic Green Urban Sculpture Design Plan Collection Activity Dream of Sculpture

The Memorial Sculpture of the Drop-point of Shenzhou I-VI Re-entry Module won China Environmental Art Award of 2008 by the Special Environmental Art Committee of China Construction Culture Art Association

2009: Girl, Run was collected in National Art Museum of China.

Space of Originality EU——China Culture Art Exchange Exhibition

Works Idol was collected in Kouvola Museum, Finland

Won the First Prize in Harbin International Ice Sculpture Festival


Teaching Practices:

Clay-sculpture Portrait (Head, Bust and Body); Clay-sculpture Drapery; Anaglyph Portrait; Sketched Portrait and Human Anatomy for Art